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Supersetting Similar Bodyparts?


I know alot of people super set opposite muscle groups to make thier workout quicker but what about supersetting simialar exercises for endurance and weightloss, example a chest with a tricep workout and a back with a bicep workout. High reps make me bored so I was just thinking about this but I couldnt find alot of info it.


Instead of high reps, why don't you add some weight to your lifts?


right now i do lift heavy and i would like to continue to but at the same time I would like to make my workout more intense.


What do you mean by "more intense". Wouldn't heavier sets be more intense? Maybe I'm missing something.

I've think done what you are talking about. For shoulders, with little rest in between going from lateral raises to military presses. Is this what you mean?


Well like Bench Press to tricep push downs or curls to pull ups.


pls dont superset chest with triceps