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Supersetting Pull-ups Between Main Lifts?

From Beyond 5/3/1:

Although it is not written in the template, I always do some kind of pulling movement between the main sets (yes, even the squat and deadlift). This is usually chin–­ups/pull-­­ups, T-­­Bar rows, face pulls, band pull-­­aparts or bent over lateral raises. Yeah, I know the last two aren’t technically “lat work” but they are movements that help to balance the shoulder girdle.

Anyone ever try something like this? I usually do pullups between sets of the main lift B/S/D/Press and was wondering if anyone else got good results with it on here.

Should I shoot for a total rep goal or keep them constant? Also, couldn’t the same thing be done with dips? (Not during Bench/OHP of course)

I used to do this, it worked wonders

I was doing this between sets:

And band-pull aparts for bench sometimes.

just to be clear…sets of squats and deads too right

Yes, I do this on 531 programs. Don’t go too crazy, but sets of pull ups, rows, or DB squats between BP and OHP (like sets of 10) and sets of pull ups, dips, or hanging leg raises between squats and deadlifts (again, sets of 10). You can even go weighted pull ups/dips if you want to really push assistance and are working with a lower TM on your main work.

If it’s a PR set day, I really take it easy on in-between sets or avoid in-between work altogether, but for running 5’s PRO with supplemental work this strategy works great. Depending on your conditioning/work capacity, you may at first see a slight dip in your strength on the main lift, but you’ll adjust quickly and be better off for it.

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I believe these have helped my bench feel significantly more stable. With the important caveat, my bench is extremely weak, YMMV

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Yeah, so it was kinda dumb of me to run Smolov Jr for Front Squat/OHP, so I’d try to pepper in this either between sets or between exercises.

I never did this between deads.I remember a FAQ where Jim (I think) talked about doing 50 pullups before even touching a barbell and then supersetting pullups with everything.

Do one set of pulling between EVERY PUSHING MOVEMENT, even the warm-ups and work sets. I do 50 chin ups before I even touch a barbell in the weight room. And then sets of 10 between every set that I do, including all warm-ups and work sets.

Jim’s interview with EliteFTS

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I can’t imagine doing that many pullups, but that probably means it’s low hanging fruit for what I gotta work on in off season. I can barely do 3x10

I do them between my pressing movements. I don’t do them on the 3 build up sets but during the supplemental exercises and the assistance portion. I don’t like being in the gym for 3 hours lol so I keep it moving