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Supersetting in a Gym


I often see people hoard three or four pairs of DB's at a time, just sprawled at their feet. One would think that this is so they could perform giant sets (in a crowded commercial gym), yet they still manage to find the time to rest between every exercise. It truly boggles the mind.


If I have the dumbells in front of me while resting between sets, which would rarely happen anyway because I ramp every set meaning I dont use the same ones twice. But if theyre resting in front of me and someone else needs them Ill tell them how long I have until my next set, if they can do their set in that amount of time and get the DBs back to me, great, go for it. I expect the same. If someone has DBs tucked under their bench while doing skull crushers, I cant exactly ask a person to use the equipment while they are lifting. I guess the alternative is to just say fuck it and take the euipment from the person while theyre doing the other set, but thats not too polite, is it?

I dont have time for people to hog equipment they arent immediately using. Obviously none of this is an issue with selectorized machines, but supersetting with dumbells is rude when the gym is crowded.


^Especially when that person supersetting with the db's under their bench thinks they are some sort of badass because they are doing supersets which is supposedly fancy advanced shit.


That's also my opinion, and basic decency, (for any piece of equipment, IMO)