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Supersetting Horizontal vs Vertical Push-Pull Exercises?

I want to ask your opinion about the horizontal and vertical exercises. I think it doesn’t matter, but if there is, I still know it. The combination in the supersets horizontally pushing with horizontal pull and vertical pushing with vertical pull is better or horizontal pushing with vertical pull and vertical pushing with horizontal pull. As a sensation I do not see the difference, but perhaps with a view to engaging directly on the antagonists is nice movements to be horizontal with horizontal and vertical with vertical. What do you think?

I think what matters is 1) getting the right amount horizontal and vertical pulling to balance pushing and 2) doing movements pairs that are comfortable to you.

I used to only pair vertical with vertical and horizontal with horizontal. @isdatnutty mentioned doing dumbbell rows with overhead press, so I tried them, and they feel great.

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Some experts say horizontal with vertical, others horizontal with horizontal and vertical with vertical. I wanted to see with what arguments one and the other was recommended.

This is also what I think.

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The arguments would be which movements:

  • Cause greatest fatigue in the muscles acting as antagonists to the press so your pressing performance is improved; and
  • Cause least overall fatigue so your pressing performance isn’t compromised

If you got a convincing answer, whether that then means you would reach your goals faster/easier is a whole new argument lol

Yes, it may make sense in some of the main programs 5x5 bench day to be combined with rows, and the day for the military press to be combined with a chin up. I think this is not accidentally done this way and better increases the strength in some movements and has other benefits.

Arnold was a big fan of supersetting bench with chins.

It worked well.

Well, that’s what I did with my last bench and chin up. However, we need to take into account other factors-which exercise you do with greater effort and is more difficult. So you can set them up to combine the harder with the easier, not the two tough exercises to be in one workout. For example, on the bench you take heavier, but if you are fat and you find it hard to chin up your own weight without adding additional weight, it would be logical for chin up to be combined with the military press, because it will distribute the load more evenly.
But I agree that the options are many and if you are constant you will benefit as well as combine the exercises.

I tend to prefer to do this, and then add more on to it. Been having success using days with a press-dip-lateral raise-pull apart giant set, a squat-clean-reverse hyper giant set, and a deadlift-reverse hyper-squat giant set.

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I like frequency for back. Instead of all vertical one day and all horizontal another day I like some horizontal and some vertical one day, then some more vertical and more horizontal a second day.

Also don’t forget that upper back.