Supersetting for 1B


I am a 1B. I’m currently focused on lifting for muscular gains, and I’ve been doing some of the Meadows programs. They work in that I definitely put on size and look better when doing them. I want to do something else after about 3 or so weeks every time, though, even though his programs have a lot of variation.

My favorite programs of yours have been “HP Mass” and “6 Weeks to Superhero.” I think I liked the explosive lifting and the pace. I’m wondering if you’ve tried/ had success in doing “bodybuilding” work for the additional volume in between the sets of the main movement, maybe even in a conjugate format? Does that question make sense/ sound like it’s worth trying?

Thanks in advance.

I wrote a “conjugate bodybuilding” program on (it’s a program I sell though) and that’s also how I like to train.

1Bs can definitely combine heavy work and/or explosive work with bodybuilding work.

Even use supersets that combine one explosive movement and one bodybuilding exercise work well.

Awesome. Thank you. I’ll check that program out, and thanks for validating the concept.