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Supersetting Assistance with Main/Supplemental Lifts

Hi all. I am new here and currently doing the Leviathan program, and I am supersetting all of my assistance work with the main and supplemental lifts, in a similar fashion to the Krypteia program. Here is an example:
180x3, then Leg raises x 10
205x3, then Leg raises x 10
235x3, then Leg raises x 10
255x1, then Lat Pulldowns x 10
5 sets of 180 x 10 supersetted with 2 sets of Lat Pulldowns x 10 and 3 sets of Dumbbell BP x 10

Am I doing this right?

Are you recovering between workouts, able to hit your prescribed sets and reps with clean, strong reps and seeing progression? If so, you’re doing it right.

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Yeah, however I go a little lighter on assistance to focus more on my main and supplemental lifts.

That’s correct prioritization.