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I was thinking about adding some supersetting into my program. I've read a couple of CT's articles where he talks about them but I'm still confused about a couple of things.

First off, is it alright to have one set of high intensity and one set of low intensity? For example,

Bench press 5 reps at 85% of 1RM
Barbell rows 10 reps at 60% of 1RM

Also, I know that supersets work best when the 2nd lift works the antagonist muscle of the first muscle used. However, would it be alright to use exercises such as DB benchpress and Hammer curls?

thanks alot



I actually use superset protocols comparable to the one you listed when I'm looking to correct postural flaws in clients. Basically, you train the overactive patterns for strength and the inhibited ones with volume.

Unrelated pairings are fine as well, although you won't get much CNS-related improvements in performance.


Thanks a bunch coach. I would mainly be using the unrelated pairings to cut down on training time.



Any reasons against using supersets all the time because they seem like a good choice due to the improved CNS boost