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i’ve been reading a lot of ian kings articles lately and i have a question. he says that a “normal” person can only handle 12 sets per day. how do you count supersets?

like, if i were to superset precher curls and hammer curls - just for an example - would that be one set or two?

I would suspect that would be one set. For arguements sake, why would you superset those two?

I think Ian means 12 total sets for the entire workout. Look on the T-Mag website and search for Ian’s article on sets and reps. It’ll break it down for you. Also, as far as super sets a typical superset would include an exercise for the the primary muscle you want to train first (i.e., biceps) and immediately after completion perform an exercise for the antagonistic (i.e., triceps) muscle. The purpose is to neurally enhance the the first muscle trained to promote strength increases with each set and to speed up total workout time.