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Supersets and Doing Them Correctly


Doing supersets is my thing,usually antagonistic muscle groups so that I can keep my workout short, as I have lots of children who need me. If for example, I do biceps/triceps, do I have to have any rest time between bicep.tricep or any rest time after each bicep/tricep set or can I just go from one to the next, with no rest at all?


I would say it’s personal preference and many people will prefer one or the other

me personally in that situation would do bicep straight into tricep with no rest then rest for a short period before the next super set, only maybe a minute

I can get more quality work in this way without burning out, and with only a short rest of around a minute it’s not adding much more time.

It’s not going to make or break your success, as long as you are progressing keep doing what feels right.