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Superset Tri's with a Press?


I never noticed it until recently but I'm starting to see a lot of people pressing right after a set of cable extensions.

Who does this? Why? and what order? Do you push a little less harder than usual in one exercise.

I'm even more interested in those who do tri's first. My tri's are usually fried after a set and I couldn't imagine benching after that.

I have done supersets usually when dropping weight, or a set of fly's after a bench, but I don't know if I see the point of doing tri's then trying to press.


"A lot of people" have no idea what they are doing, and by "a lot", I mean 99.999%. I wouldn't mess with it.


didnt a mountain dog article recomend this as part of a warm up? pre-exhuasting the triceps


If you have a dedicated arm day, then you could pre-exhaust the triceps before for instance dips. Your triceps will fail long before chest or shoulder, no matter what your form is on dips. I've tried this once, and it definitely fried my tris, but I don't use this technique in my training for other reasons.


I love training triceps. But I usually train them last. Tbh I guess I do this because it's not a compound and I don't want to pre-exhaust before a compound. I can't see the point of it.


if their tri's are taking over the movement, why not fatigue the tri's first then allow whatever pressing muscle is fresh to do the bbulk of the work