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Superset Preferences

What do you guys and gals - but not the guys that aspire to look like gals - prefer when supersetting? Do you prefer to superset in a fashion such as:

1a. push
1b. pull
Change exercise then,
2a. push
2b. pull

Or do you prefer more like this (kind of like OVT):
1a. push
1b. push (diff exercise from a.)
2a. pull
2b. pull (diff exercise from a.)

I realize that goals play a part, so list them if you like in your explanation if you decide to provide one.

Since I prefer to work on strength vs. size, I prefer the first scheme (assuming I am trying to get my workout finished in short order for whatever reason) as it gives me a bit of rest between each so I can handle more weight.

(Correct me if my assumption is wrong, btw.)

Just wondering,

If you are in a true strength training workout you only need to work one muscle group with one exercise per set. I just see total failure and poor quality workouts by doing, for example, a bench press then immediately following it with an incline press or flye. Therefore, the former, push supersetted with a pull is your best stategy.


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[quote]Matthew9v9 wrote:

1a. push
1b. pull
Change exercise then,
2a. push
2b. pull[/quote]

antagonistic training like above.
better efficiency. Staley explains in EDT book.
if training push/pull 2x/week, just do 1a1b on day 1 and 2a2b on day 2. a vertical day and a horizontal day.
if push/pull only 1x week, then you may want to do both.
it all depends on the intentions of your program.

that other way, more like conventional BB training, could be good for an occasional shock, but i don’t personally like it.