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Superset OVT Question


Hi Friends,

I have a Newbie question about OVT of Christian Thibaudeau
The 5x5 reps of the supersets in the program , for example Bench press 5x5 A1 should be done all in one time or should be 5 reps A1 and immediately change to 5 reps of the A2 flat dumbbell flies exercise to complete de 5x5 rutine.



Beginners section.


A superset is a set of an exercise, performed immediately after a set of another exercise, with little or no rest in-between.

Therefore, to perform the A-list exercises, you would first perform five consecutive reps of bench press followed immediately or with little rest of 5 consecutive reps of dumbbell flyes, followed by resting for 120 seconds. You would repeat this process five times (five sets of each exercise or five 'supersets') and then move on to the b-list exercises.

As you describe it,

Also, your English could use some work. Keep reading and posting. Just... make sure you read more than you post.


thanks for the answer.
and yes.. my inglish is in a basic level
i'm working on it.

cheers from Spain.


No problema. Hablas mas ingles que hablo espaniol.