Supermarket fats

Udo Erasmus once said in a T-mag interview that all supermarket oils were off limits with the exception of one: imported extra virgin olive oil. Does anyone know if this is still true? Point being, it’s a lot less expensive to buy it in the supermarket than it is to buy it at some “certified organic” retailer.

If you want to reduce trans fat intake
to the minimum, I suppose he is correct:
probably all supermarket oils except the
extra virgin have been heat processed to
a degree yielding some trans isomerization.

However, it’s not as if whatever trans
fats that may be in some supermarket safflower
oil are going to kill you. I don’t even know
if the difference to you in that vs. cold
pressed oil could produce a detectable difference in you, or whether that’s been shown, but maybe it has. I don’t know if
Dr Erasmus’ argument is based on assertion,
guessing, or evidence.

It would be interesting if anyone has
information on what the percentage
of trans fats in supermarket vegetable
oils is. If it’s something like 1%, I’d
guess that is unimportant. If it’s something
like 20%, then I’d think I’d have to agree
with Udo.

That information no doubt has been determined by someone.