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This is, IMO, a pretty cool pic and Mr. Routh looks a bit more muscular than he has in the other shots. Good wheels, too.


He just doesn't look super enough to be Superman. I guess after the image you get from the comics and cartoons nobody will ever meet those standards.


Nope. To pull off that look of costume, you have to be really built, which he is not. Not impressive.




Seconded..also why is he wearing evil Superman from the "Superman 2" junkyard scene??


I'm pretty sure THIS is the greatest picture of Superman.


That was Superman 3. The one with Richard Pryor.


Nah, he looks skinnier in my opinion because that shot makes his arms look smaller. Does it strike anyone else as strange that going on recent movies, Batman has more muscle than Superman does?


I agree with Harris; Mr. Routh looks pretty good. I don't like the changes to the costume, but c'est la vie.

Regarding the Superman physique, a few years ago there was a fan-made Batman / Superman 'movie' trailer, and I believe Mike O'Hearn (or was it Brad Bartram?) was Superman. One can argue that O'Hearn didn't look that great in the costume, but he has a pretty good physique imo.

I remember a long time ago when I saw a picture of Christopher Reeve as Superman, and didn't think he had the physique for it. But when I watched the first movie, I forgot all that. He was totally believable as Superman. Superman is more then a bodybuilder body. Hopefully, Mr. Singer & Co. can make a great movie.


It sure as hell is better than anything they have put on the screen yet. Of course it's a drawing, but it captures "super" in Superman.


Yah, Superman on the needle! LMAO!


No. The man is from Krypton. Our sun makes him more than human.


not really because batman is cool and superman is super gay. ..


Man, why you gotta hate on my favorite comic character? Fuck a Batman. He fucked Robin on a regular basis. There Nyea.


if our sun makes superman super, then did he have ANY powers on krypton?


Nope. He was on Krypton what we are on earth.


Now, except for smallville I've never been into superman, I'm more a fan of the "Do it yourself" hero's [punisher, the hulk, ironman etc.. nerds of doom]. But how is it that krypton rocks make him weaker [nearly killing him in the movies] if on krypton he is a 'normal human'? Wouldn't they just dull him down to human levels like the planet did?


There was a similar thread about Troy and Brad Pitt and I believe the outcome was that you could get someone who was super huge to play the character but chances were that he wasn't an actor.

As for Batman cool, superman gay arguement - i've always like superheroes that were good guys but who had an edge, that little something that made them tread on the line of the law - ie guys like Wolverine and Batman. Superman could have been so good if he wasn't so clean cut. He could still be the goody but he should have been a bit of a bastard in his spare time.

Anyway i have more respect for Batman cos he has no superpowers - he's just a regular mortal human, so he puts his ass on the line every night.


Frank Miller rules!


And a link to the best comic page that sums up the whole Batmans vs Superman concept: