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Superman Trailer


I think this looks a-fucking-mazing.



Absolutely. I cannot wait for June 30.


been reading about this for over a year now (or so) on supermanhomepage.com

my g/f thinks i'm crazy for still liking this character when i'm 25, but there are some childhood things you just can't let go


The fx are cool and all but there are a few things wrong with this movie that are obvious even from the trailer:

  • The actor looks total pussy. They just refuse to make superman cool.

  • Knock it off with the pink elephant already. Superman's identity would've been known the first fucking day he showed up. Either everyone knows who he is or the script has a glory hole right through it.

I might go see it if I really need to kill some time.


You know, I once put on glasses when going to work and everyone was like "Who is this guy!?! Why is he sitting in Somebody's chair?"

But seriously, I think Superman has always been a little cheesy when it comes to disguising his identity - but aren't all comic book heroes? Batman, Spider-man, the whole crowd


There's no hope for you then! I am 39, just watched "Batman Begins" again a couple of days ago, and am convinced that is what I want to do with my life :slight_smile:

Growing up is overrated...


Dude as far as I'm concerned they can show Supes fly around and run really fast for 30 minutes for all I care...who would you have preferred they cast for the title role? I mean sure the guy could use a little more muscle but I'm sure we all could :wink:


Well, the ability to not move like a dork and differentiate between the 'serous' and 'extreme blue-balls' facial expresions would be nice. Like I said, if need time to kill - sure. But to anticipate it? No thanks.


Superman is corny as hell. If I were him, I'd have nightly orgies with at least 4 gorgeous bisexual women, but he's content in pining for fucking Lois Lane? Holy freaking soy boy.


I'm actually happy with the look of the guy they chose. The color of his suit really bothered me at first (too dark), but now that I've seen it in motion a few times, it's no big deal.

I'm really excited about this movie. I'm a total Superman freak. Hell, I'm renting old Lois and Clark episodes from Netflix right now, that's how crazy I am about it.

Unfortunately, everytime I get really worked up about a new movie, I'm let down. So I'm really trying to temper my anticipation with a little reality.


I got a real problem with them casting Kevin Spacey and Kate Bosworth as Lex Luthor and Lois Lane respectively. It was an inspired decision to cast an unknown as Superman (as opposed to that douchebag Nicolas Cage)- so why cast a middle aged gay man (not that there's anything wrong with that) as Lex Luthor and a flat chested blonde teeny bopper as Lois Lane?


The trailer looks good. Too bad they chose an actor that looks like a Chris Noth/Jason Schwartzman hybrid.


Freaking awesome!


Wow. I never saw it before, but now I'm not going to be ables to STOP seeing it.

Good eye.


Sorry, man. I should have waited until after you saw it.


From the Credits:

I can't get past that fugly costume. It's hard enough to dress someone in tights and not have them look like a dork, but did they have to try and make him look like one? Dammit.


Oh, and I frickin' hate Quicktime. Goddamned thing's worse than a virus, and never works when I want it to. :stuck_out_tongue: