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Superman Teams up w/ Batman


Just announced at Comic-Con:





Hopefully it's written by the Nolan who wrote Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, and not the one who completely mailed it in with the shitfest that was The Dark Knight Rises.


Very cool, but waiting to see just what Goyer pulls out script-wise. They're not doing Dark Knight Returns, and it seems like it's going to be a "Superman" movie (or will it be a "Superman & Batman" movie), so will Bats be full main character, or simply supporting or even cameo? I've certainly enjoyed the first few years of the S&B comic book, but it's always easier to get away with such unbelievable story lines in a comic as opposed to a live action film.

Definitely excited to hear the news though. Despite the complaints some people had for the film, I think Snyder handled Man of Steel quite ably.



I will be interesting to see who fills the Bruce Wayne role. Its a shame that Bale wont continue.


I'm betting thirty internetz that this will be worse than Man Of Steel. May raise to 40 once I've heard more during production.


It seems like this is Warner-Bros answer to Marvel's 'Avergers'. It looks like Snyder will direct screenwriter Goyer and Nolan will be involved as producer although the extent of Nolan's involvement is unclear.

I would love to hear leaks about plot and villians. Will Lex Luthor star? I think they could really do a good job with him with a crossover with Batman with the Gotham city crime angle.


But they actually read a line straight out of The Dark knight Returns, which the second part only came out this year.
My guess is that they didn't think it made sense to introduce superman in a batman movie because people would be confused as to it's link to the franchise. I REALLY hope this is a superman movie in title only and they do a proper balanced superman/batman flick similar to the animated ones.


I didn't click on the actual link in this thread, but where I read the news earlier today, someone (Snyder? Goyer?) said that while they won't do the "Returns" storyline, they may borrow parts like they did from 'Last Son' and 'Rebirth' when they scripted Man of Steel.

And the actual Dark Knight Returns came out in '85 or 86 I believe, and worked well because it occurred with the backdrop of the Cold War. Not sure if that would translate (ie. how they changed the Watchmen script).



I think (hopefully), it will be a business decision made by the studio execs and they will give the fans (i.e. their customers) what they want. They will look at the numbers at how "Man of Steel" did comparatively to TDK, and they should realize, that Batman is their moneymaker. It's what fans want to see. But, the problem is the lost a HUGE piece in Bale. That is going to be the biggest challenge (besides the script of course).


speaking of the atman has anyone seen the new animated movie Flashpoint? Damn good Id say.

the alternate reality Batman is the shit. Guns.


I agree. It's nothing but a money grab. I think they should leave Batman alone for awhile. We just got finished with the trilogy.


Have to agree with this. Without Bale, Nolan likely having minimal involvement and Snyder directing and contributing to the screenplay, I'm not expecting anything amazing.

Also, not being a comic geek myself, could someone explain what use Batman is in a universe where Superman exists? Doesn't that basically demote him to Robin?


It's gonna be mega lame.


You make him fight on two fronts. Even superman will have issues with a Darkside and any other villain on the other side of the planet.


Yeah, I've always hated JL videos/comics where you'll see one scene where Supes is giving out serious punishment to some baddie, then gets knocked to to side and Batman "attacks from behind" and is actually able to do some sort of damage. Or where the same "beam/blast" knocks them both away. If some guy can take a hit from Superman, a batman jump-side kick just doesn't cut it. And if a blast can knock Superman down, it's gunna kill Batman.


Batman will show up in Metropolis and say he's going to rip the living shit out of whatever heartless, uncaring asshole destroyed the city.


From what I hear Joseph Gordon Leveitt will play Batman and it will actually be Batman Vs. Superman. Don't quote me on this exactly, there were a lot of articles coming out of SD this weekend and this is what I saw.


I assumed this was gonna be awful when I saw this. This would confirm that assumption.


It does seem there will be some element of Batman VS Superman in it, rather than just a simple team up movie since they put the Dark Knight Returns Batman victory speech in the reveal at comic con.

Making it a VS movie just makes it even more lame.


and the crowd goes wild! whew that seemed like an insane but justified reaction. Guess theyre unfamiliar with the Harry Potter illusion.