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Superman Sets For Fatties

I think that I read this article 100 times already…I think it’s a great system. However, I see the relationships (as stated in the article) to EDT and simularities with german Body Comp.

So my question is, what are some opinions on doing this superman sets protocol first thing in the morning and cardio in the evening?
Please keep in mind that my goals are fat burning. I am gearing the workout to be on the moderate to high rep scheme…centering upon compund movements of Upper/Lower Body sessions (ie. Pulldowns/Squats for 20 mins.)

My reasoning for this order is:

  1. To do a high intensity workout like this first thing…would stoke up the old fat burning furnace throughout the day.
  2. Doing moderate cardio in the evening as a “supplemental calorie burning exercise” .
  3. My gym (like many of yours, I’m sure) is a zoo in the evening - and setting up a cycle between 2 exercises is nearly impossible vs. doing this at 5am.

My nutrition protocol would reflect my activities:

Meal 1 Post workout shake (following the superman sets workout)

Meal 2 (P+C) most likely Whey and Oatmeal

Meal 3 (P+F) Chicken/Cauliflower/Fish Oil

Meal 4 (P+F) Whey/Flax

*Evening Cardio

Meal 5 (P+F) Fish/Fish Oil/Spinach

Meal 6 Either Just Protein or P+F

I would love to hear some opinions!

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So are you training in a fasted state in the morning?

I suppose that the setup that I have described is allowing that. Not sure if it is right or wrong (still foggy in that arena of “1st thing in the morning training”). I have see arguments for either:
A) Small portion of carbs (ie. apple) before training

B) Protein only before training.

I am sure one way or the other…this is just as important, as I fear the wrong decision will lead to muscle loss.

ok…ok…I just realized that I was pretty much asking a question (pre workout nutrition) that I knew was beat back and forth before…so reduce the flammage…I looked it up. I did manage to finda a post by Jason Norcross that said that if you are doing a weight training session first thing in the morning for cutting purposes (like Meltdown or German Body Comp) and are in the 10-15% BF range (I am approx. 16%)…as long as you can handle the fasted state…go for it. But as one leans down 10% or less…pre workout nutrition is a wee bit more paramount. I hope I covered my bases on that one!