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Superman Returns Review


I just saw Superman Returns last night and I must say it is one of my favorite Superman movies thus far. Now don't get me wrong Reeve is still my favorite Superman and always will be, but I think Routh did an excellent job of picking it up.

I was very doubtful when they began the shooting process about the quality of Routh, but I did end up being very impressed.

The movie is a long one (2 1/2 hrs) but to a fan that is not long enough.
In this movie I believe he is faster and stronger than ever before. I wont spoil anything for those who have not seen this film however, I will say this..If you were skeptical at all about seeing this film don't be it is an excellent film. I would give 4 out of 4 stars if asked.


Just a bump so that it stays fresh for those who have not read this yet!!


So he's like Supererman now?


He is kind of like he was in the 60's and 70's before they powered him down a little. I mean when he lifts the...oh not too much info for those who have not seen it yet.

Let's just say that the new Superman is the man!!!




I just saw it with my girlfriend... liked it alot. I wasn't expecting much so I was really impressed. I loved the flow just like the Reeves ones. Spacey did a really good job as Lex Luthor.

At one point my girl leaned over and asked if I felt good knowing I have bigger arms than Superman...

Later we agreed that he looks like he might lift some weights.


Here's an excerpt from an interview at scifi.com:


Routh: Well, I did a lot of things. I lifted weights, obviously. I did this rope yoga, which is a mix between karate and yoga, that my first trainer, Gudni Gunnarsson, created. ... Basically, it's a great core-building routine, so that was put in place so that I could sustain myself in the wires and the harness for extended periods of time. And so we did that very early on. And also with weights, and basically trained my body to get in shape. We got my body in shape to be in shape. And, I mean, I was in shape. I was an athlete before that [training]. I did certain things [swimming and soccer in high school], but never to this extent. So that by the time we got to Australia, two months into my training, we started hitting the weights really hard and building more and more mass, and I ended up putting on 22 pounds for the film. Which was fantastic, to see my body change in five months' time. I had a little extra time when we went into Sydney, because we didn't start filming Superman right away ... .

There were a couple of times when we got a little overzealous with the workout, and I started to get a little bit [too big and] had to back back down. Because you start to lift a lot, and you go, "OK, well, how much more could we do?" But I had to maintain a limit.

I don't know how I feel about the whole "too big" aspect. I haven't seen it yet, and initially I thought he could pull it off initially, but I'm having my doubts. I hope the movie will prove me wrong... we'll see this weekend though...



I am sure you will be impressed with the movie. NO DOUBT!!!!! Kal-El


I just got home from seeing "Superman Returns" with the wife. The movie was great. I would see it again. Superman is stronger and the costume is much better than previous movies. When he flys, you actually see him break the sound barrier.
The special effects are awsome.


How the hell does Superman/Kent's clothes not shred apart when he's flying? Or the clothes and skin of the people he carries for that matter?


Superman has a bio-electric aura that extends millimeters past his skin, granting his clothes the same level of invulnerability he would have otherwise. It is theorized that it is this bio-electric aura that also grants him such a high level of invulnerability.

It has also been theorized that Superman can, unconsciously it seems, extend this aura, i.e. allowing him to lift a car by the roof without the bottom half falling off. Or in this scenario, carrying someone at a high speed without ill effect to said person.

/End nerd rant.