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Superman: Doomsday


I bought this movie because I am a huge Superman fan. I thought it would run along the story lines of the book. BUT OH NO, it sucked it up bad. I almost chucked this thing out the window. It hardly justifies the books. In my opinion, do not buy this movie if you have already read the Death of Superman novel or comic books, you will be disappointed.


Yeah I've been wary ever since someone on here said it didnt include the JLA.

Nevermind that 60% of the comic(s) is Doomsday fighting the JLA, right?


This could be sumed up in one word.....


It was such a let down.


I thought it started out pretty well but finished up poorly. I don't care it was not the same story in the comics but it was a little bit of a let down.

At least I downloaded it free. My kids liked it.