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Superman...done right?



This movie was not perfect. It rushed through scenes that would have given more insight into who Clark was and even who Lois is to focus on the underlying story...but the more I think of it, the more that is a good thing.

They completely avoided the cannon of comic books with regards to how much Lois knows and when and what inspires Clark to actually find a real job.....and I liked that.

This was an action movie, plain and simple.

I cut them much slack just for getting someone to play the character who actually looked like SUPERMAN this time and not a cover model for Abercrombie


Too clean cut. i'll stick with Conan.


LOL. I think they actually got that much right without overdoing it. Clark had to steal to get clothes to wear once...something Supes wouldn't have done before the 70's.

They immediately erased the idea that the government doesn't know about him. It will be interesting to see how that plays out in sequels.


I enjoyed it, and the entire opening sequence was bad to the bone. It had kind of a slightly darker first Iron Man feel to me. Definitely worth checking out in the theater.


Oh, and it is definitely blue ray worthy.

It is up there with Cap America and Thor and Iron Man in its story and visuals.

If they do even better in sequels, Batman may not be the top running franchise for long.

The "Lex-Corp" trucks were the only sign of Lex in this movie.


The public enjoyed this movie more than the paid Reviewers. For me it was good from start to end. I did have a Matrix vibe and a Hulk/Banner feel but that was both a good thing. The came very close to making this a Christ image movie but just slightly. I think they did a great job bringing clean cut 50' era Clark/Superman into the modern era.


I definitely got the matrix vibe. The birth pods etc.

Thought the film was awesome, a sequel could be even better i think.

Was a change as that wasn't any superman catching bank robbers etc, i liked how it stuck to one main plot and didn't have him flying around saving cats and doing bull shit things.


Did you catch the name of the town on the water tower during the fight by the town shops? I disagree about surpassing the newer Batmans. TDKR was fucking awful, but BB and TDK are two of the 10 best movies of the 2000's, with TDK being THE BEST. I don't see anything passing 'em. Again, The Dark Knight Rises fucking sucked though.


I noticed those straight away. Expecting Luthor in the next film for sure.


Was I the only one that notice the Wayne Enterprises on the satellite then?


Thats cool, anyone notice the ice station science guy played Emile in smallville?

Also he played ryan reynolds' friend in the green lantern.



If I'm not mistaken, Emil Hamilton played a pivotal role in the comic books as he was the Director of STAR Labs. With that being said, was kind of disappointed that he died in the film.

I thought Pa Kent's death was well done though. I like how he chose to sacrifice himself to keep Clark hidden rather make himself known by saving him or having him save the dog.

You're right Prof that the plot was kind of erratic, but I think it tied itself up nicely in the end when Lois told Clark when he joined the Daily Planet "Welcome to the Planet...". Don't know if I'm reading into this too much, but I took that to mean welcome to the planet Earth rather than the newspaper. Through all the stuff Clark went through, saving the planet and fighting off Zod led the human race (or at least some of them) to accept him. Another stick out scene was when Clark told his mom that he was sad that his dad never saw what he would become and then there was a flashback to him running around in a cape, which I thought was very well done.

And while the action scenes were well done, they definitely weren't good as the Avengers in certain places regarding CGI, i.e. there was the "rubber CGI" effect. Even still, they were DAMN good and I'm glad a movie other than the Avengers finally showed the scale of collateral damage that would happen to a city/area when superhuman individuals are having it out in the vicinity.

It was very reminiscent of this fight:

Damn good movie. Probably going to see it a second time.


Anybody notice at the end when Superman was in the beam of the thing that was changing the atmosphere of the earth, he sort of looked like Christopher Reeves for a second.


I've seen this written in a ton of places on the web. Wonder if it's just a coincidence, or maybe they used CGI as a way to pay homage...


Pretty good. A tad long, could have been tightened up a little. Good character development. Great casting. CGI a little choppy in fight sequences though.


Is this a movie that should be seen in 3-D ?

Would it be better ?


Saw it in 3-D (not intentionally, that was just the next available showing) and thought it was great, though I have no point of reference from the other angle. My only complaint is sometimes the 3-D glasses give me a headache when I first put 'em on.


I had such high hopes for this movie, being a Zach Snyder and Christopher Nolan project I really thought they would nail this and establish this as a great franchise along the lines of the latest Batman trilogy. Sadly, this will most certainly not be the case.

I thought the movie was pretty bad from a story/script perspective. Terrible actually. Visually it was about as a good as CGI-Porn gets, but this was greatly overshadowed by the lackluster story for me. I walked out of the theater wishing I could have gotten my money back.

The plot was as cliche and predictable as could possibly be, and the acting, story, and dialogue for Zod was terrible the entire way through. Distractingly bad.

I didn't think there was any depth to any of the characters except Clark's dad, who we see for all of 5 minutes in the movie. I felt that they really missed a great opportunity here to delve further into the relationship between Clark, his dad, and the whole "if people find out who you are they will reject you" idea. Instead... As soon as they find out who he is, they embrace him right away. So that entire plot element, which was built up to be the MAIN idea of the movie, vanishes in a second.

The fight scenes were beyond boring because they established early on that punching and hitting Superman and Zod does nothing to them... and then they proceed to have them punch and hit each other for 10 minutes at a time. Again, it LOOKED amazing, but there was no sense that Superman had anything to lose. Ever.

In fact, There was NO sense of urgency or danger the entire length of the film. You know EXACTLY what is going to happen, when it is going to happen, and how they are going to deal with it.

Wait for it to hit your local dollar theater, See a Matinee, or rent it when it comes out later. I wouldn't recommend paying full price for this movie.


I have not seen the movie but it does not look like this happened, so here I go.

There are some expectations when it comes to a Superman movie.

I get that.

BUT, this guy is the most powerful being on the planet and, even worse, he knows it.

I dont think to many people are familiar with Caesarian madness, basically a form of malign narcissism backed up by the fact that a Roman emperor indeed was a living god.

Relatively speaking.

Superman does not have to grow up, he does not have to develop, he can stay a child forever.

And children are, to some degree, self absorbed assholes with no impulse control whatsoever.

And yet, the traditional superman is not an immature dick, he is a boyscout.


Batman has a story.

We know why he is what he is.

But Superman is a well balanced guy, more balanced than Batman in many ways.

Again, how?


Same reason some of us think it would be cool to meet an intelligent alien race that arrives at our planet, we don't like to deal with believing other more powerful beings would fuck us over, but rather be nice to us and give us all their stuff.

Superman is the ideal of a perfect hero, he's indestructible and morally righteous, of course that comes with an issue as he's nice to us for no particular reason, the only real reason he should be nice to us is because if we all died out and the planet went cold and barren he'd have nobody to talk to, I guess he could enslave us and furrow up some concubines or something, but he might get pissy if he thinks people don't really like him.

Humans don't like to believe that our species are imperfect, we spend too much time comparing ourselves to the animals that we know that are dumber than us, even when they're particularly smart like dolphins, we still zoo them up and watch them for entertainment. Even with Superman being objectively, infinitely more incredible than anything evolution has spurred up here in the ridiculous amount of time this planet has existed, we still found a way to bullshit him into being indebted and mindlessly kind to us all. I may be wrong, but as far as I know he and his race have a very similar mentality to humans, and no human that decided to do the shit Superman does would last very long without punching some whiny cunt through a wall.

He's nice because we make ourselves feel better by thinking that if a being(s) like him existed, he/they would put up with our shit out of the kindness of their golden alien hearts. I'm sure I've heard Superman be compared to Jesus before, which probably functions in kind of a similar way.