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Superman/Batman: Public Enemies


Found this on youtube! Check it out!

The artist can draw muscular people very well, bu the does a shitty job at drawing fat people. Damn fatties.


You comic book fans need to fucking check this out. I'm bumping this. I'm buying this and adding it to my collection.


It comes out tomorrow on dvd and blue ray.


Bootleg or legit? LOL


I guess my PM was pointless then.


There's too much of the movie posted there.

I won't watch more until I own it.


You know the answer.

(For those who don't know the answer: Bootleg, mother fucker)

I am so glad that they chose an artist who actually draws muscles! Not slender, anorexic characters with big bodies and slender legs, but well designed muscles. These heroes look like they hit the weight room.

Power Girl's Titties are distracting. But all titties are distracting.


They were even more jacked in that graphic novel. Every fucking character looked like a heavy weight bodybuilding competitor and they basically made Batman and Superman mirror images of each other aside from the costumes and the drastically different thinking.

I only wonder how they plan to pull that off....because the comic book focused on how different they were in thought by having competing thought bubbles above their heads. It was done well but you can't do that in a movie.


Well, all I can say is that I'm satisfied from an action stand point. I like the fights and love the artwork.

Marvel and DC need to continue releasing hits like this.


There official weight according to DC is

Batman: 6'2" 210lbs
Superman: 6'3" 225lbs

So Superman only has an inch and about 15lbs on Batman, (and of course ungodly strength) but we all know that without his powers Bats would own his Kryptonian ass.


I liked how Batman is bigger than Superman in the recent movies.

Power Girls boobs arent big enough.


You better not snitch on me to DC about their new movie being on youtube before its release.

Also, ask DC to you give you an official listing of Superman's strength. And I'm sure that will never happen.


Your safe on this side dude I ain't no snitch. I will actually try and find out an 'official' answer to the strength limit question. I am almost certain there is no cap to his strength because if he can increase it by flying into the damn sun.


I'm kinda dissapointed with the drawing, but the rest is spot on. Like Wonder Woman and Green Lantern, first class.


Get out and take your stick figures with you.


Wow...they took it off just before I got to the last part. FML.

Edit: Thanks for the link BTW.




Ah yes, I see what you did there.

Drawing is not on the level in my opinion. Got anything to add?


That is some lame shit though to post the whole fucking movie on youtube before release.

I don't know anyone who was in school some time after the early 90's who didn't get bootleg copies of movies and music....but damn, some people take shit too far.

There's class...and there's just being an ass. The shit comes out tomorrow so why youtube the shit today like it wouldn't get taken down?


Great fight scenes really highlights how badass batman can be.


They took it down.