Superman 5, X-Men2, T3, and more (oh my!)..

Okay, I’ve GOT to post this. The X-Men 2 and Superman 5 stuff is HOT off the press. Hopefully this post will push my other one down, so that this board will no longer be “messed” up.

X-Men 2: The Beast HAS been cast. The actor potraying Hank McCoy? Steve Bacic (The 6th Day, Stargate SG-1, The X-Files and Earth: Final Conflict, Ecks vs. Sever, Andromeda). Now, take note: I don't think Hank is all blue furred yet in this pic. Anyone who remembers the X-Men, will know that Hank became all blue furred as his mutantation became more advanced. However Bryan Singer is so pleased with this guy's performance that he will have MORE to do in X-Men3 (so maybe THEN we'll see a blur furred Beast).

Superman 5: Okay, people, I want you all to take a DEEP breath before you read the following. Bret Rhatner (director, Rush Hour, Red Dragon), is the one just now named to be the director, a actor has been chosen as well to portray the Son of Krypton: (okay, remember DEEP breath), Keanu Reeves. I kid you not. Oh man, this gets better: And Ratner refers to J.J. Abrams script as "Superman: Last Son of Krypton" AND wants Anthony Hopkins to portray Jor-El, Supe's daddy. AND, I usually like to end these "reports" with a "not confirmed, not official" but, folks: it's been CONFIRMED. Reeves is gonna be Superman. Oh, my heads a reeling right now.

T3: Here's a list of urls of the sites where you can find interviews with Arnold, Kristanna Loken (T-X), and various other goodies: news_article.php?id=418 (eliminate the space at "/" and "news") moviereviews/2002/t3set/setvisit-1.html (eliminate the space at "/" and "moviereviews") library/weekly/2002/aa091202a.htm (space at "/" and "library")

I'll post more later today (AFTER doing some artwork and watching MORE of the new "New Dark" DVD - which is amazing! Oh, and more of our "Blade II" DVD)

LoTR:FoTR: SPOILERS contained in the following site. This will provide you with info of what extended footage will be added into the four disc set of FoTR (November release), which will add 30-minutes to the film: newsview/2/1031858689 (space at "/" and "newsview") - I've read it and MAN, I can't wait to get my hands on this set.

As I said above, I'll post MORE, and there is more going on. Gotta go and be a arteest. Later!

Okay, I just read a “Red Dragon” press junket Q&A session with Bret Ratner and Anthony Hopkins: both confirmed their involvement with Superman 5. Actually Bret confirmed and Hopkins confirmed his strong interest but said basically, “yes” he’s gonna be Jor-El. As for Keanu? Bret denied Keanu as Supe. Weird. But I’m awaiting the “confirmation” then, I guess. But the first report on Keanu was from a usually VERY reliable source. Patricia :slight_smile:

Keanu? Is it cause the last names match? I’m starting to wish they’d re-think Nic Cage.

Well go here for Latino Review’s exclusive interview with both Rhatner and Hopkins: moviereviews/2002/reddragon/brettratner.html (space at "/" and "moviereviews").

Well, the ONLY way they’re going to pull this off with Keanu is if the story is absolutely kick-ass, ala Matrix style…where there’s NO acting involved and you pretty much don’t even notice him. I think Hugh Jackman would make a pretty cool Superman.

WHO will be the next James Bond? A old rumor is brought back to life, here: The Latest News from the UK and Around the World | Sky News article/0,30100-12122739,00.html (space at “/” and “article”)

ToonZone has a report on the current state of affairs with the Batman vs. Superman project: showthread.php?s=&threadid=48440 (space at "/" and "showthread")

GREAT interview with Don Coscarelli (director) and Bruce Campbell on "Bubba Ho-Tep (I've GOT to see this movie!): tiff/bcampbelldcoscarelliinterview.htm (space at "/" and "tiff")

For a terrifice review of the recently (finally!) released DVD of "Near Dark", go here: reviews/neardarkdvd.php3 (space at "/" and "reviews"). This is better than anything I could say about this DVD, or movie. A vampire classic - one of the best movies EVER about vamps. Starring three of my favorite actors: Bill Paxton, Lance Henrickson, and Jeanette Goldstein - true T-Men and T-Woman. It IS a good DVD, packaged beautifully.

I just read a review of The Transporter and Adam Sandler's next: Punch Drunk Love. I've only been hearing good things about The Transporter. And I'm not a Adam Sandler fan at all but I do admit here: I want to see this movie. The guy can act! See the trailer: columbia/punch_drunk_love/ (space at "/" and "columbia").

And here's the trailer for Spike Jonze's next (you know, he who directed "Being John Malkovich"), with Nicolas Cage: columbia/adaptation/ (space at "/" and "columbia"). When you go to the site for the trailer, look down a bit at the cast list, read it - quite a chuckle, eh? I think this type of film is where Nicolas Cage really shines in.

That's it folks, enjoy! Patricia :-)

Okay, here’s a nice wee plot description for The Matrix Reloaded: “To quash the impending rebellion, the matrix releases a computer virus so deadly that agents must align with rebellious forces to fight it.”

Yeaahhh, riiiiiight.

Okay: MORE stuff on Spider-Man 2:

"...effects designer Lyle Conway has now been hired by the Spider-Man 2 production. Conway is supposedly working with character designer Steve Johnson on bringing to life the designs for SM2's primary villain, Doctor Octopus."

Conway has worked on "Little Shop of Horrors" (1986). And if you recall, the Audrey II had fully animatronic tentacles that could whip, snake and hover around the creature. Hmmmm, pretty cool, huh?

S.W.A.T.: yup, they are now fully entrenched in casting of this, ANOTHER TV series into a movie thang. Have already listed in the cast: Colin Farrell, Michelle Rodriguez, Jeremy Renner ("Dahmer"), and Samual L. Jackson. NOW, you can add LL Cool J to that list.

Phone Booth: Check out the trailer for this flick, starring Colin Farrell. Yes, I said Colin Farrell. And yes, he's in ALOT of movies this year. http://www.phoneboothmovie. com/ (space at "." and "com").

Patricia :-)