Superior Periodization

Hey guys, Had a question for ya’ll!

  1. Is the conjugate system superior to any other type in terms of strength gains?

  2. Accum/Intens or Indulating periodization of size/strength?

  3. Are these the only types of periodization that are currently out there, excluding linear?

  4. Undulating

  5. Conjugate

  6. Marco of Accum/Intens

If not, would you guys mind filling me in and posting different types of periodization out there, excluding linear and the ones I listed above? This can also include Bulgarian or Russian type splits also?

Your input would be greatly appreciated.

If you just google those terms, you are going to find many, many articles on those very topics. There’s really a lot of stuff available for free, and if you really have trouble finding it, PM me for some links.

But, it sounds to me like you’re trying to find “the best” possible scheme. That, in my opinion, is a wrong way of looking at things. What method of periodization should you use depends on your training age, expirience and your goals. Quite often, you’ll need outside guidance and expertise to set things up properly. And it may take several attempts before you finally make a certain approach work.

You also have to make a distinction between OL, PL, training for track or field, training for a particular sport (football, basketball etc.) or just being a “weekend warrior”. It other words, it is not just a matter of copying the sets, reps and percentages on paper and then following it out.

What I’m trying to say is that certain approach can be completely unapplicable to your situation. For instance, if you don’t have enough expirience, how are you going to select proper ME/assistance exericses for Westside? If you haven’t alredy worked up to plenty of RM attepmts, how will you know when to stop and backdown when using a Bulgarian approach? You need to know about your work capacity and tolerance to intensity and volume because what’s unloading to some can be very heavy loading for you. You can focus on box squats and good mornings instead of competition lifts if your PLing, but an OLer simply can’t stop doing cleans and snatches etc.

While there’s certainly no harm in reading about every aspect of training, you should be realistic about your current abilities and goals. Don’t forget that many people become very strong doing basic stuff hard and heavy and just backing off once in a while.

What works best is variety, and if you’re looking to get strong do 3-5 lifts above 90% of your 1RM…