SuperHeros Program Question !

Hey CT, in the middle of my hockey season, i tried your program and it was really hard to finish it. I only did it 3 weeks and was not able to recover. Now my hockey is now over and i would like to do it again for the summer and to get fit. I was doing dl,bench oh,squat bench,dl squat,oh…each group 2 times a week it was really hard. So my question is : can i only do 1 group every day like : 5 round of bench on monday…5 round of deadlift next day and etc…

why ? because i don’t know if my body can afford 2 big complex the same day and i would like to do carries and sprint.

I dont want to get my body busted, and i like to train 5-6 times a week so.

thanks you and sorry for my english.

Hey man, not CT but I’ve done the Six Weeks to Superhero twice. Its definetly tough, my workouts usually lasted about an hour and a half. That being said I had tremendous gains, typically lost about 10 lbs while gaining some muscle, I used the old Anaconda, MAG-10 formula both times. My strength had modest gains, but my work capacity went through the roof.

If you’re looking to lean out or get in awesome shape, do the program as writen, don’t add carries and sprints or change the order, it works great on its own.

While I agree with the answer you got. I often use only one star complex (the complexes in the superhero program) per workout and add carries afterwards. Actually I probably use that approach more often with clients as it is easier to do and recover from. The carries will get you just as lean as doing 2 complexes per day.

Thank you CT!
Do you think it’s fine to do sprint with the carry at the end of the workout? If you think so, how would you mixt it?