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Superhero Workout


Could this be used to pack on some quality mass or it is it more geared towards a cutting beach ready workout? As long as the calories are there could this be a quality mass program?


I would not try to do HSS-100 type workouts on a restricted calorie diet. The point is to bring out the showy muscles around the shoulder girdle upper chest and biceps to look good for a movie. Little work is done for the legs cause no one really cares(movie viewers not weight training people) what their legs look like.


Correction: No one cares what there legs look like.


Bullshit, I want my legs to get huge. But, I am on this same program, I have to say it's excellent for begginers. I do the same workout only but sometimes switch up a few things (2 weeks to work on shoulders, than 2 weeks for back/chest than 2 weeks towards legs). This way I grow pretty much everywhere over time. It's always good to switch up and substitute some exercises.

A good exercise is an exercise where you can feel your fibers twitching like crazy. Be a little creative in the gym, even if it looks retarded do it. I forgot what the workout was called but you use one of those rope things (people use them for overhead tricep extension) go on your knees ahem and kind of sift forward a bit.

Than bring the rope down a bit..this exercise got my lats growing pretty fast and big, their not stopping yet either!


What are "there legs"? Do you use them when you go out, and "here legs" when you are home?


He meant they're legs :wink:


Actually it should be 'their legs' :slightly_smiling:


I can always count on T-Nation to point out when I make dumb mistakes. So yes, their instead of there legs.


LOL! Just breakin' your balls, dude. I probably wouldn't have done it, but the funny thing is, the person you quoted had it spelled correctly right above your post. Just couldn't resist, sorry.


Tree Trunk legs for the win.


You spelled it correctly. It was the person that qouted you and corrected what he considered another error of yours.


Oh, crap, you're right! It was Ryu I was poking fun at, but forgot since yesterday. When scottiscool responded, I didn't look it over. Just take my last post and apply it to Ryu.

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