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Superhero Workout Rest Periods


I'm about to start Thib's Superhero workout this week and I was wondering if it was ever mentioned what the rest periods for this workout were, also I assumed tempo was lift explosively but if not and any one knows let me know, I am putting together a excel sheet for the program so I'll post that up here when I get the other info.


Superman workout? KEWWWLLL! Will it make you bulletproof as well?


Superman doesn't need to rest between sets. He's Superman.


Would working out make Superman SuperERman?


You HAD to say it...

It's like blood in the water.


Rubbish. He needs to get outdoors and charge his solar cells every few hours or his intensity will suffer.
Remember his fight with "leech dude"?


After his fight with Doomsday he was sent into the Sun and absorbed enough energy to be pretty much immortal.


whose ever herd of doing neck rollz on a med ball to work out the traps? I use this routine and freakin love it!


Stop trying to hijack the thread. Can't you see there's a relevant discussion going on?


Nah, going outdoors to recharge is solar cells is more like his PWO nutrition rather than his rest between sets. If he works out outside during the day though, then that's like instant recovery.


If you really want to talk Superman...in issue #1 of All-Star Superman, he saves a spaceship that's too close to the sun, and when he returns to Earth he tests his strength and he pushes the equivalent of 10 trillion tons with one hand. His left too, if that matters to Supes.


Yeah, but was he wearing a cheater shirt? Those things lift the weight for you.


You're thinking of Robocop here.


Vid, please. Otherwise I'm going to call shenanigans on that lift..

I hate it when Superman uses the leg press before me. You can't imagine just how long it takes me to put the weights back where he got them from. Inconsiderate asshole must think he is better than everybody else.


Sometimes Supes is called away between sets to avert a disaster of some description. That might count as rest. It all depends on the magnitude of said calamity. If it's just something minor like rescuing a cat stuck in a tree, he might let Hawkman do it. Just to make him feel wanted and to keep his mind off the fact that he is a grown man wandering around wearing strap-on wings.

But I digress. AngryVader is quite right. Rest periods are an outdated earth concept, and as such are not recognized by the High Council of Krypton.

Humanoids of non-Kryptonian origin are generally advised to time rest periods according to their own levels of fitness. This is the mandate set out in the ancient training scrolls of Cee-Tee.


In know....those galactic Inzer designs add thousands of tons to your poundage.


Roidz!!! He must have a tiny dick.


Actually, Superman is a dick: http://superdickery.com/index.php?view=category&id=28%3Asuperdickery&option=com_content&Itemid=24


Sorry, it was 200 quintillion tons! Here's the page:


What was the new super power he manifested?