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Superhero Workout: Med Ball Substitutes?


Any suggestions on substitution of med ball exercises? Because my gym doesn't have med ball.


?basketball? Or, I could just shell out a few bucks and purchase your own? I don't believe they are terribly expensive. Ideally you follow all the steps, I understand that, but I'm not sure it adds much to the program.


I would just repeat the "plyo push up" move. That's probably the closest you can do without something to throw. You can buy your own, but carrying around 15-20 pound med balls in your gym bag probably isn't ideal. I don't think throwing something too light like a basketball would be useful.


For at home sandbags are difficult to beat. Light ones substitute med balls nicely. They take a beating though so will need to be replaced.


I'm also thinking another variation of plyo push-up that would fit in.


neider press maybe - violent pushing barbell out infront of you.


I'm thinking Barbell thrusters substituting med ball overhead throw on overhead complex
And neither press like decimation said substituting chest throw on bench press complex.


No disrespect but I always found these to be pretty dumb


You can't really substitute the med ball throws and doing another set or another variation of plyo push ups is not the solution.

Your best option would be to use resistance bands.

  1. instead of chest press throws look the band behind your back and press forward as explosively as possible. It has to be a fairly strong band so you don't have the impression of pressing against nothing.

  2. instead of overhead throws use the resistance tubing with handles, step on the tubing and do explosive overhead presses.


Really? That is a worthless idea. The basketball (1) is not anywhere near heavy enough to have any training effect (2) are so light that you will throw them way too far and wont be able to do sets


stab hole in basketball + fill with sand + a whole heap of duct tape = med ball


CT- of course no offence taken there are rough on the elbows too.
OP medicine balls have come down a lot in price. You can some quite heavy ones even on Amazon cheaply.