Superhero Squat Preference

Do you have a preference for which squat you choose for the superhero muscle article? Or is it simply based on structure again?

Always based on structure and goals.

Well I don’t know about structure.
But what’s the best squat for quad growth?
Hack squat? Smith machine? Goblet? Does leg press count?

Ok well it’s not that simple dude.

It’s the one that allows you to get the greatest degree of knee flexion without compensating with excess hip flexion, and where you still have foot stability.

So asking shit like “is it hacks or smith or goblet?” isn’t the right question.

It’s finding out which one fits your structure for your goals. Like I said.

So you say I should try them each out and see which one I can feel the muscle working the most?

Ummm no.

Read what I wrote again - terminal knee flexion without excessive hip flexion to achieve it - stable foot, which means you’re not coming off your heels and have enough ankle mobility for the knee flexion.

Sooo I should try them all and see which one have all those aspects?

That would be correct.


So I’ve been doing hack squats for now but I might be moving to a place that doesn’t have a hack squat but does have a horizontal leg press, is a leg press a good alternative for the main movement in the superhero protocol?