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Superhero Sequence?


I'm wondering why the splits are done with consecutive days hitting, IMO, similar muscle groups. Bench, DL, Squat, Military. Why not Bench, DL, Military, Squat? I'm sure there's a good reason, I just don't know what it is.


You realize that you're supposed to do two every day of the program, right?

So, Monday you'd do squat and OHP
Tuesday you'd do DL and Bench
Thursday you'd do OHP then squat
Friday you'd do Bench and Deadlift

It's tough, yeah, but it increases your work capacity really quickly.


Nope. That's certainly not how I read it. Unfortunately, I have time to go to the gym once per day, and not every day, so I'll have to adapt it a bit. Thanks for the clarification.


While separating the workouts into two per day would still be good, its my understanding that you do them back to back. So... you should be good to go. In the Monday example above, you'd do the squat complex, break while putting everything away and setting up for OHP, then go ahead and do the OHP complex.


CT is a proponent of greater training frequency as long as your don't exceed your ability to recover, which is why you see his chest complex in his program twice for example. You should see his HP Mass principles, you bench three times a week. At least for me the frequency is definitely a good thing and I've seen good improvement in size and strength from following his methods.


Yeah, I am trying to crash course all this new info (new to me) on this site. Would it be possible, since I'm 42 and not in the same shape I was at 22 (more recovery so than anything else), to do a nerual charge workout (when applicable) after the initial complex? I read up on those yesterday and that may help my ability to recover while still increasing frequency.


Yes. I think if you had a low work capacity, doing one complex followed by neural charge or eccentricless would be beneficial.


I tried that last night and it was great. In fact I feel good today and not wore out. I did the BP complex and took about 10 minutes off before doing the basic nerual charge circuit and felt charged alright. Very nice AND less sore.


All I can say is I have followed the SM exactly as listed on the original article and I am loving it.