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Superhero Routine

Hey guys, i was wondering would the Superhero routine be a good routine for me ? i have been on a split routine for about a month - month and a half that goes like this:
mon- chest shoulders tris
tues-back bis traps
friday-chest shoulders tris
sat-back bis traps

I want to gain more size and definition and eventually compete towards the end of this year, Would the superhero routine be a good one for me to try ?

If you want bigger arms shoulders and chest then yes. Shouldn’t that be obvious?

Nobody can properly assess that without you giving any stats or pics.


I will post some pics today.

Also stats:
Weight- 233
BF- 11-12%

Any other info plz ask im going to get pics now.

Without knowing your strengths and weaknesses, I would say you should stay away from Superhero if you are planning on competing this year.

It was designed to give a quick turnaround in terms of the appearance of being big. Most of the article that accompanied the program talks about working out in a way that will help create the illusion of size in a short amount of time. You will get bigger, but it isn’t a terribly balanced program. The leg work is very light.

Given that you say you are planning on competing this year, I don’t think I would go for such an upper-body intensive program.

Thank you for the reply, thats exactly what i was worried about !

Im still lookin for a routine to give a shot