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Superhero Program

hey id imagine people have asked this question before, but how do you perform the sets, because theres A1 A2 B1 B2, do you just pick one of the two or do you just complete 1 and move on to 2?

Also how much of a rest between sets?
if there are any specifics about the program a link would be very much appreciated.

A1 A2 etc thats a super set you do the A then the B and thats one set. rest should be in the program its different depending on what the coach has in mind.

Just wanted to clarify for you.


Do a set of A1. immediatly do a set of A2 with no rest inbetween. After A2 take your rest period. Then do A1 the A2 again, rest. Ect. Whe your done with your “A” group move on to “B” group.

I know it confused me the first time I saw it too.

Good luck.

thanks guys thats a more clearer now. by the way has there been many sucessful transformations via the superhero program?