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Superhero Program to Increase Vertical?


I cant seem to post on the livespill, so I was wondering, it says go through the complexes 4-6 times dependant on goal. What if my goal is to increase my vertical for basketball, how many times would I repeat it? thanks for the help.


All though I am sure that this program could increase vertical jump, it was not written for that purpose.
Do a quick search for something more related to your topic would be my best response.


Better go with 5. Doing it 4 or 6 times through won't work for your vertical, it has to be 5.


Dude thats sick, thats exactly what I was thinking because we all know that to get the rebounding effect we must do more than 4 but if we go to 6 strength is compromised and 5 would be perfect, probably makes like 72.52% difference, so lets say I gain 100 inches to my vert, thats 72.5 increase from doing 5 sets but if i do 4 or 6 im losing all that and ending up with 27.5 inch increase. Thanks for help bro!