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Superhero Program Results

I am starting this program next week. I just finished a 5x5 and it didn’t do much for my shoulders. I have read this program is to beef up the shoulders and arms so i though i would give a shot.

I have read the old hangout thread and there seems to be a lot of people that started posting and gave updates for a few weeks and then disappeared.

The lack of updates in the old thread makes me think that alot of people droped out for some reason. My question is if you started this program and quit what made you stop? Were the workouts to brutal or did people not get the results they expected?

I’m one week four and it’s been giving me the results I want. I did have a similar feeling about the shoulders from the first few sessions (that they weren’t doing enough). For me, it was due to having higher muscular endurance in shoulders. Thus, I had to intensify the training with 4 second reps on the overhead pressing. This really stuck it to my lagging shoulders.

Good luck with the program, and stick with it. It’s tought me a lot!

worked for me this is my 3rd time through and i got results every time shoulders got bigger arms got bigger and chest got bigger, best program i have ever been on so far. finishing week 11 now.

Is it recommended to take a deload week after each phase?

The original write up didn’t say anything about a deload but i was wondering the same thing. I think that i am going to incorperate one into the program.

Deloadstuff is not needed because of the program design. Every few weeks, the focus is shifted to another muscle group. Therefore the former heavily trained groups can recover.


I’m in week 5 – had the same reaction as others to the shoulder training – definite improvements in my traps and delts in the first phase. If I continue to see the kind of improvement I’ve seen so far, I’ll probably start it over again at the end of twelve weeks (with maybe a 2-week break in between for some alternative training).

Also am finding the carb rotation diet recommended in the article to work well…

Question: Weeks 9-12, Arm Day, does A1, A2, A3 refer to a giant set or does it refer to 3 exercises with breaks in between?

Day 2 of the first 4 weeks has squats and rld’s supersetted before starting the rest of the workout. This makes me want to freaking puke and makes it hard to go full force on the arm part of it.

Can i do the squats and rdl’s at the end or do i need to do it in order?

Hi all,

Just finished the first week of the program. I can actually see a some results, not drastic. Weights are starting to go up.

Did day 2 suck as bad for you?

[quote]jakshafter wrote:
Did day 2 suck as bad for you?[/quote]


I thought I was going to loose vowel control after legs.
I am really glad you guys started this thread, good to hear other people’s experiences.

vowel control?

Is that where you tlka lkei thsi?

[quote]fightingtiger wrote:
vowel control?

Is that where you tlka lkei thsi?[/quote]

Sorry! I meant was bowel control…come to think of it I sound like that after a day2 workout.

I love this program, think i might do it again.

Hey Highway, tuesdays on the first 4 weeks did you do arms or legs first?

The legs takes so much out of me i don’t feel i get my arms good and i am gonna switch them.

My situation is a little different as i work out at home, and i only have about 490 lbs of weight, two olympic bars, and a ez curl bar, so i do them in this order squats then barbell curls then preacher curls, decline pull over tricepts, then tricept pull downs, this uses about all my weight so i repeat till done then finish with romainian deadlifts, and close grip bench.

I just finished the phase 1 Quad, ham, bi’s and tri’s. I much prefer to do the arms first then finish with the legs. I don’t get so sick i can’t finish if i do it that way.

The saturday chest and back day is a good one as well. My chest is still sore from it.


I managed to make two older injuries resurface after two weeks in this program. I think somehow I overtrained with too big weights for shoulder exercises :frowning:

I was wondering how it’s supposed to feel in the first 4 weeks? Easy?

I finished this program and loved it … I found it to be more of a mental tough program than a physical (mainly on the squat w/RDL days) … great results

I did make some small modifications … mainly replaced back squats with atg front squats (didn’t always have access to a squat rack and would just clean the weight) and I didn’t have a curl machine for the 2/1 …

stick with it … it challenges you … changes up to keep things interesting … produces results …

make sure your nutrition plan is up to snuff and follow the rest intervals of 60-90 seconds (unless you’ve realized your body does better otherwise)