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Superhero or ABBH?


hey guys, im just about to finish Chad Waterbury's TBT and was wondering what do do next. i think im gonna do the Superhero Program but was also thinking about doing ABBH.
My main goal is size gains.
Im 16, 5'8 and 132pounds
what do you guys think i should do?


You should start eating. Performing TBT at your weight is like using a rocket launcher to shoot paperclips. Regardless of which program you choose diet and lifting heavy should be your greatest concerns. Go and read Chad's Lift Fast Get Big and maybe try that program. At 16 you should still get some growth spurts - just eat like a champ and try to lift heavy without burning out. In your early twenties you'll be ahead of most people by leaps and bounds.


Exactly...don't be so concerned over what program you're doing to next...concentrate on your diet and make sure you're eating a bunch so you can keep putting on weight.


If you are looking between the two above, and you are only 16, go with the ABBH programs. It uses the compond lifts. Like the above said eat a good diet, and eat some more and lift heavy. I am glad you found this site. There is a great deal of knowledge here from some great writes and expericenced lifters. Spend you time in the Training and Diet Programs....Knowledge is the key to you goals....


I agree with the "go with ABBH" sentiment. It's good for size, and it tells you to EAT.