Superhero Neurotypes, 2A vs 2B?


After reading the subject article on your site, it left me wondering: What’s the real difference between a 2A and 2Bs?

I think I’m a strong mix of both based on your descriptions.

Thank you.

Well there are some similarities especially when the 2A is under a lot of stress he can take on 2B traits (the chronic stress depletes GABA which can make the profile more like a 2B). Furthermore the 2A is a chameleon, he easily changes his personality based on the situation.

The main difference between both is that the 2A is a lot more adaptable: he can adjust more easily to new or different situations while the 2B will have a harder time doing that. The 2B is also more emotional. The 2A is a bit more extroverted than the 2B. Training-wise the 2A needs a lot more variation than the 2B.

samething here strong mix of both like i got most of the points in each neurotype, yes i understand that 2A can take on 2B traits when Under lot of stress but i don’t feel like im Under big stress right now ?

what is the definition of ‘‘a lot of stress’’ when talking about neurotiping ?

I’m coming up with a questionaire soon. It will help. Otherwise, short of an evaluation, hard for me to give you a specific diagnostic

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