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Superhero Muscle

Im kinda new to training, but decided to start a program i found on TNation called How to Build Superhero Muscle.

Did the first Chest Shoulders Tricep workout today.

Dumbbell Incline Press: 15kgX9, 15kgX8
Cable Y Raise: 4,5 kgX10, 9
Cable Lateral Raise: 4,5kg X8, 8
Machine Press: 20kg X10
Crossbody Extension: 11 kg X10

Felt awesome. Gonna try to stick with it for 5 months and see what the results are.

Have been in depression for months so i’ve been pretty malnourished and underweight for awhile, just recently got better.
BW: 145Ibs at 5’10 and 19 years old.


congrats on getting started

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I followed the Superhero Muscle template a while ago and really liked it. Might have made some of my best gains doing so. If you’re bored you can read where I’ve logged it here:

I’ll be following along with your log and looking forward to seeing how you do. Make sure you eat to grow!


I found another article from Paul Carter on the Push Pull Legs split that said to rotate the workouts, so one week you hit push day twice, then next week pull day twice, and i was thinking of keeping legs constant at once a week, as it says in the superhero article that upper body was the priority.
Would that be the better option or just two push sessions a week, two pull sessions a week and one leg session?

I did something very similar when I followed it. I did:

Wk 1:
push - pull - off - legs - push - off - off

Wk 2:
Pull - legs - off - push - pull - off - off

And so on…

So I did each workout twice a week every third week. I have also done a four way split with push, pull, legs and upper per week but I feel like that follows the template less and obviously it’s less legs.