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Superhero Muscle x 3

Hey coach, I know you probably had this question quite a bit but I couldn’t find it. How would you modify The Superhero Muscle Program for 3 x a week? I was thinking of adding a BurnOut/Drop set after each movement. Also, for fat loss with this program would it be mostly through diet or should use some HIIT?

Isn’t the program PPL 3x a week? And if it was 6, which is unlike Paul to prescribe, wouldn’t you cut it in half?

The article also covers fat loss and gain phases with regards to diet and cardio.


Also, I wouldn’t just add burn out or drop sets. He writes to follow this for 5 months. I’m at least giving it 3, and doing it as written. The lowish volume gives nice room for progression. Not so much if you’re adding stuff.

Unless I’m the one who read it wrong, you might want to just go back and reread the article.

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Thanks for input! I read in one of the forum posts that it was a 5 day program.

I just searched the forum and the first thread was this very question. Paul’s answer was five days a week. Push, pull, legs, push, pull, repeat.

But the article kind of left that part out.

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I apologize, OP! Did not see that, I read the article twice in the past few days as I prepared to start, and all it said was push pull legs, I still think just a PPL once per week would be adequate with proper intensity, though.

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If it helps, I’ve also read it twice in the last few days and didn’t get 5 days a week


Yes, I only have 3 days to workout tho

If I were you then I’d make it a push/pull routine. It’ll take two weeks to do everything three times. Legs aren’t a priority on this program so it won’t hurt to split the work up. You’ll actually end up hitting legs three times in two weeks instead of two.

How would that look?

What leg exercises do you plan to do?

Front Squat, Leg Curl, Lunges

Add front squat and lunges to your push days and do leg curls on your pull days.

Depending on how you do your lunges (more forward lean can hit the glutes/hams a bit more) and how hard you’re working on front squats, you could do the lunges on the pull day.

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Cool ! Thank you for your advice, I may just stick to just Lunges on Push and Leg Curls on Pull: My legs are over developed and I use them a lot during work.

I, too, have a magical unicorn.


well developed * :smiley:

If this were any other program then I’d agree with you getting roasted. :smile:

I’m not claiming that I have big legs, but they’re big enough for me. I’m not interested in buying bigger pants, but I’d sure like to bust some seams on my shirts.