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Superhero Log


After a couple weeks of binge eating, I decided to take on an actual program, really weird for me to do, I will see how long, I can stick to it. It is basically 6 weeks until my birthday, so it seems like a good plan.
Monday, Did deadlift then bench complex, will do o/h and squat today
Deadlift first 4 sets
Top half deads 405 * 5
5 reps each set, think I can go heavier for sure
Did seated rows instead of regular deads next, I was using 2 bars already, so I had to accomodate a pretty full gym
165*8, next week I will do regular deads
Power clean 135 * 5
Jump deads 135 * 10
Broad jumps * 8

Had a wicked sweat going after this, but do not think I could of got a fifth set in

Top half bench
275 * 5, once again, think I can go heavier
regular bench 225*3
speed bench 175 * 5
medicine ball push from back 8 reps, 12kg medicine ball, may switch to lighter ball
plyo pushups * 8 off flat bench

Once again 4 times through and I was trashed at the end of the workout.
Will keep it posted on how tonight goes.

For reference 6'1 218
bench 285
dead 510
squat 385


Alright day two
Squats / oh press
4 rounds
top half squat 365 x 5 kinda light think ill try 4 plates next time
front squat 225 x 3-5 felt alright, not that comfortable with the move
power snatch 135 x 5 felt good, i like these
jump squats with same weight, maybe a bit too heavy but i cant monopolize all the bars 8-10 reps
standing vert jumps 7-10 reps

top half o/h press 205 x 5 for first 3 sets then 185 x 5 for last
military and push press done with 135 5 and 3 reps respectively, these bother my wrists a bit, small joint syndrome, might tape them next time
busted out as many reps with 30s
elevated plyo pushups 6-8 not much in the tank for these

Overall, I can see where this program is going to take me conditioning wise. definitely is going to increase my work capacity and the superhero look, people are looking at me like I am psycho in the gym Til thursday, might go in tomorrow for cardio abs/traps/side delts, all the fun stuff


Today, same thing as monday, chest was first,
same set and rep scheme, went up to 295 for top half benches and 185 for speed, think next week either one more round or go up to 235 for the bench
on the deadlift complex
took the top halfs to 5 plates a side and kept everything else the same, think i can go up weight on the clean but my lower back was totally tapped by the end
good workout, feeling beasty


Alright haven't updated this in a while
Been following the program pretty religiously though, I feel stronger than I ever have

Key weight indicators
Top half bench 365*5
Top half dead 535*5
Top half squat 455*5
Top half shoulder 245*5

Its almost half through through(week three will be complete this week) and I think after I finish the six weeks, I will deload one week then retest 1mr's. Really shooting to nail a 305-315 bench. Would really make my day