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Superhero Hangout



So, who's all doing it, already started it, or starting it soon? I think the program looks entirely kickass and is my official "beach ready" (yeah that's lame, get over it) program for the end of winter/spring. Thought this would be a good place for questions/comments about the program, what dieting techniques people are using, and a log of how the days are going. I'll have my first exercise day update when I start it Monday.


I am planning on starting in two weeks as I am nowhere near any weigths.
But I am not posting any before pic dont want to break my camera:)


i am not sure whether im gonna do this first or do Waterbury's "bodybuilding's next frontier" routine. i wish i had more time. my goal is to get the body ive wanted and trained for by july. basketball ends in a week. maybe ill do this.

Feb. 20- April 17th- Bodybuilding's next frontier to bulk up a ton.
April 18th- July 11th- Hopefully if my crazy new diet works and i put on a lot of muscle, ill be able to get shredded by doing this routine; Right in time for the beach!


As appealing as the superhero ideal is, I think you need to keep in mind that this is just one authors point of view. I've been mostly using Waterbury-type methods for the last month or two and am literally shocked by the results. As you may appreciate I am consequently loathe to move away from whole body sessions.

That being said, I too, was quite inspired by the article and have tried to find a middle ground that accomodates the various training suggestions. In essence this boils down to retaining the whole body sessions whilst emphasising the muscles of the shoulder belt. For instance, I concluded my most recent whole body session with Thibadeau's superset of shrugs and upright rows.

All the same, keep us posted on your progress.

Cheers J.


I definetly plan to give this or at least a modified version a try. I think I'll probably replace upright rows with clean or snatch grip power pulls as it tends to be easier on my shoulder. I am reluctant to move away from a full body split, but I just recently had shoulder surgery and have basically had a full recovery.

I see these exercises as being very beneficial to providing stabilization of the shoulder girdle which in the long run can help my goals of higher strength levels in overhead pressing, benching, deadlifting, squatting, etc. I may look to make some more changes, as I don't know how good I feel about having almost a whole day dedicated to arms in terms of "functional" carryover to strength events (Obviously, the goal of this program is primarily aesthetic in nature). I'm also not to hot on specializing on biceps during the second phase. Perhaps its to even out the pushing from extra shoulder and upper chest work. I'll try to post modified version of the program when I create it.


Well of course it is just the authors point of view...but the point of view happens to come from one of the best coaches in the world. Saying you've been pleased with Waterburys results is great, but discrediting this program by saying it's just CT's point of view is a little far-fetched. Waterbury and CT's programs aren't neccessarily "just their point of view," but instead are programs based on experience with people they've worked with and knowledge of systems. The fact that they each might have different ways of going about each goal (though similar in many aspects) doesn't mean one is more right or wrong.

I've had tremendous success with programs of Waterburys in the past, and amazing success with CT's as well. However, I'm going to be following CT's program exactly.


If you have read my post in its entirety I fail to see how you could interpret it as an attempt to discredit Thibadeau's work. The suggestion is that the various authors employ dissimilar methods to achieve similar goals.

CT's superhero program, like all his other material, looks outstanding and would undoubtably be worth embarking upon - best of luck. However, the point of commonality shared by Thibadeau, Waterbury and Berardi relates to emphasising the muscles of the 'shoulder belt'. Currently I find Waterbury-type whole body workouts to be effective, however, I see the sense in augmenting with some of CT's suggestions.

All in all, I think you've gotten a little hung up on the phrase, "point of view". If that came across as glib remark, I apologise - it wasn't meant to imply that an authors approach was made in absence of informed knowledge. Does that clear things up?



Yeah, I was mis-reading what you were saying.

It's odd to me that some people "only" follow certain strength coaches advice on this site. "I'm only doing Staley programs, or I'm only doing CT programs." While you'd be very well off just doing those programs (much better off than doing any random workouts), I love and have gotten the best results by following everyones workouts or molding their tips into one.

In strength training their are many different ways to accomplish goals, but I prefer the best of all worlds by doing programs from various authors. I've seen incredible results in getting about as big as a guy can in one year from following programs from different people on here.

CT's program is just the one I'm going to be doing for the next 12 weeks, and then it'll be to whatever looks to help my next goal out the most by whatever author.

I'll be back to say how day one went once I lift later tonight.

Anyone else started? Thoughts/experiences.


I just finished the chest/back day of week 1 and I am loving the program so far. I feel like I have already packed some size on my traps and shoulders. I will update more when I get more time.


I start it in 2 weeks combined with Perfect 10 for biceps and triceps. May be too much but we shall see.


Yikes, I don't know about this unless perhaps you just eliminated the biceps/triceps parts of the superhero program. I'm on week 1 and day 2 is an arm killer! And remember weeks 5-8 are focused on biceps and chest. I'd probably reccommending just doing the program as is, I think you'll see great arm gains from CT's program alone (keeping in mind your bi's and tris will be working on the days your not directly training them as well.)

Here's an update of days one and two.

Day one: A tough day with some great soreness in my traps/shoulders. All the lateral raises are pure torture (I used an astounding 5 pounds for the 100 lateral raises and it still kicked my ass.)

Day two: Absolute killer. The leg superset is brutal to say the least. High volume back squats supersetted with romanian deadlifts hurts you like you wouldn't believe. I have no idea how I got the last set done. The arms workout is pretty painful as well. I'm sure my lower body and arms are going to be feeling it tommorow!

Luckily tommorow is a "training" day off, although I'm going to be doing some form of light cardio/active recovery. I just need to dial in my diet a little better (3 tests this week has led to me missing some planned meals and/or shakes.) I need to increase my calorie intake a little and hopefully it'll be much easier next week when school slows down.


Day One:
I did an abbreviated version of this last week and started the first full this Monday. The shoulder conjugate day seems to have twice the doms following the saturday chest/back workout (though I have not given chest a priority in some time so that is also to blame). I had to drop the lateral raises real low also considering somewhere CT says your pauses (if any) should come somewhere around 50, 70 or 80. The shrugs felt a bit anti-climactic after the shoulder workout.

Day Two: Today I did not superset legs (overlooked it) but it gave me an opportunity to really push them considering they only get it once a week. I didn't get a pump from the arm workout (as I usually do from supersetting bis/tris) so I dunno. I just kind of ran through arms after butchering legs.


I want to be a superhero.


Strictly following the Superhero program, only adding a couple sets of 4-way neck on Day 3 right now. Eating according to Berardi's S2B program, and about to start walking in the morning. I'm really nervous about doing TOO much and overtraining, but I want to stay active and keep my G-Flux up and I think some morning walks will help.

Day 1: Lat raises damn near killed me, and I was only using 5 lbs. Part of the reason I'm doing this program is that I know my shoulders are about my weakest point. Everything else was tough, but doable. Upright rows hurt, not sure if it's a flexibility issue or what.

Day 2: Jesus Christ. I was nearly dead by the time I finished the first superset. By the last set of 20 squats, I got to about 13 before I would squat, try not to scream as I stood, and kinda waver back and forth for a minute while I fought the urge to rack the weight.

Off day: Didn't really do anything... Day 2 kicked my ass. Hopefully next week I'll have enough left in the tank to do some yoga or something to stretch and prevent more soreness.

Day 3: This was tough, but doable. My rear delt flyes were with 30, because I remembered how hard the lat raises were. I didn't have to pause, although it was still a royal son of a bitch. Next week I'll bump it up. I feel that a bunch of my weights are disparate... still gauging my working weight on a lot of these exercises. I shrugged with 215, but then did the calf machine shrug with 400!

Doing Day 4 today.


What intensity level should be used for this? To failure on last rep of last set? Keep a few reps in 'da bank?


Recent studies have shown that goin to failure as to leaving 1-2 in you only results in CNS taxation. For bodybuilding purposes I would leave one in the bank, I've been doing so with no effects other than less fatigue, and heavier poundages, growth has been no different if not better.


Today was a much needed off day. Unfortuanetly I wasn't able to get in any recovery cardio (typing this on a study break, two exams tommorow and one Friday as mentioned :frowning:

Lots of soreness in my lower body today and some in my lower back. Also considerable soreness in my bis and tris (haven't really isolated them in a while). Diet continues to be relatively shitty, but when your on campus from 3p.m.-11:45 p.m. (and counting) it's hard to be too good.

I brought a shaker cup and fish oil caps, along with some Metabolic Drive to help get a little nutrition in. Definitely planning on getting the diet dialed in Saturday/Sunday when this hell week from school ends.

Day 4 tommorow


You can be Atom Ant.


Wouldnt being Wolverine be great, your muscles would heal before you leave them gym....that is...if you leave the gym


Haha, thats funny you mention that...I had the same conversation with a friend a couple months ago.