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Superhero Complex Questions


I've read it through couple forums but I couldnt find an answer. So here it goes, Do I use any weight for the overload, strength and strength-speed exercises? I've seen some people writting that they do the HP MASS test of their 3RM 87.5% for it, but I did not see any CT mentioning about it on his article. Also I have not seen CT mentioned anything about back and bi's workout, so I was thinking maybe I could add my own back and bi workout on saturday or sunday?



You should change the whole program to suit your mentality. I mean, what the hell does CT know?? Right?

Also, yo have no idea of the concept.

This program strips off fat and may add some muscle (if you are using a protocol) in the shortest amount of time possible. This is not a bulking program.

And for the weight question. Are you for real? Re read the program and watch the videos. He explains the weight so many time.


I am using the protocol 2 but I didn't mention anything about bulking up, the question was just about back


The question was about back and biceps. You are concerned about them not growing, hence the bulking comment.

First off, this program is there to reveal what you have.

Also, if had any ideas on what the exercise actually do, you wouldnt ask that question.

Also, the program is set up so you can actually use your brain and utilize other exercises. Replace a few exercise with bent over rows or pull ups if you want. Just follow the principal.

Read th article, look and listen to the videos and read the spill. Your question was answered.


Ok, If that is my problem then I will try to change, but as for you I jsut can't get it. Instead of using your time to tell me to go look back why can't you just tell me...?


I can't tell you what the principal is, you have to learn it. Me telling you what exercise to change, how to change it and when defeats the purpose and you will learn nothing.

Welcome to life.


Ok, thanks


Yeah definitely read it, it will make much more sense if you do. Check Thibs Live Spill he did a Back add-on program that is pretty tight. Also, sorry more reading, checkout his HP Mass program and read the section on Neural Ramping as you should apply it to this too.