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Superhero Complex Question


Awesome article and the program looks amazing! I don't have a gym that allows for certain exercises the prowler sprints, med ball push press. The gym has no prowler, would backward sprints with out any weight do the job? Also with a low ceiling the med ball push press would be out. Is there anything that could be substituted?




DB speed press for time like in the videos, for the prowler use ur common sense how is backward sprints comparable to pushing a prowler...


I don't believe the OP was all that far off. The routine called for either backward sprint w/sled or Prowler. Not having access to either during his workout, he asked if backward sprints without resistance would be a good substitution.

This program has its challenges in a small and/or commercial gym. The amount of equipment I need to tie up is more than I like, particularly for the deadlift complex (3-4 barbells + power rack).

As for exercise substitution, I look at the load type (e.g., Overload, Strength, Strength-Speed, Speed-Strength, etc.) and attempt to come up with something useable in my gym that fits the bill. I believe this was CT's intention--to teach people the program as opposed to hand holding them by prescribing exact exercises--but, I digress.

The Prowler exercises fall under work capacity. I took this and decided, in the absence of a prowler/sled, I would perform farmer walks with dumbbells. They may not necessarily target the exact muscles as those CT discusses, but I believe farmer walks are consistent with the overall objective of work capacity. This may or may not work for the OP (depending on the size of the gym). I would make sure to follow the loading parameters for this load type (Max weight you can move fast for 30 meters).


Go on a treadmill, put it to highest incline, walk backwards, crouched and hold the railing.

Enjoy the burn.


I don't do the med ball push press in my shoulder circuit because of low ceilings. My shoulder circuit is : partial seated OH press - military press - push press - speed db oh press - plyo pushups w/ feet on bench. I just make sure to do an extra circuit because its 5 exercises.

Same thing goes for sled work, I get it in some days, and other days I don't. Add an extra circuit on days that I don't do the sled for the extra work.


Just wondered is there anyway of condensing this workout or similar into three one hour sessions as this is all I have available? if so how would I go about it? thanks


Get better at time management.


I know what your saying but I have 3 kids work a 15 hour day monday to saturday including commute and only free day to spend with kids is sunday. I squeeze the 3 hour sessions into lunch times when not in meetings! I just cant find the extra hour.


blah, blah, blah

Sorry, those are excuses.

I use to say the same thing. Then I met a women that worked two jobs, went to school part time, raised her two kids and still competed in Fitness. And we dated for 4 months. And we made time for each other.

And I was complaining because I was a single dad of one, worked full time, went to school full time....yeah, bullshit I didn't MAKE the time. I still went to the beach twice a week, we had breakfast every morning and I worked nights as a chef (long f******* hours). Still managed four days a week. 5 if my mom would babysit.

And for every sob story out there, there is someone worst off and still makes the time.

15 hours a day, 6 days a week? And you are enjoying yourself?


I have low ceilings where I work out as well so I sit down to do the med ball push pass. I sit on a lifting platform with my feet on the floor and it works well.


@chuckp79 I have low ceilings in my small gym too, go outside the building and do it?