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Superhero Complex or I,BB?


Hey guys,

I'm new to the site and let me say this, everything written in here is awesome. I have read both articles on Superhero complex and I,bodybuilder. I don't know which one to use.

My goal is to pack more muscles while slimming down a bit. I like my current weight but would prefer to lose maybe 5lbs. Which program would you guys recommend and why?


You said that Everything is well written. Why don't you read it then?

Two different programs. you would know that by reading them.

Also, 99% of the people asking your particular question should read he beginner section first. Post your stats, your diet and real goals. "Prefer to loose maybe 5lbs" is not a goal.

Post a real question, with real parameters and you will get a real answer.

"The quality of your life is in direct proportion to the quality of your questions." AR


Both are fairly advanced in my opinion. I would go with something simpler.

Maybe this?



Do the complexes. they are more athetically based and will provide you the results you are looking for.


Hi, can anyone who has done the superhero workout tell me what they did for smaller muscle groups, I.e bi's, tri's etc?


Seriously??? Do iBB and leave SC alone.

If you are worried about the smaller muscles, then, it is not the program for you.

As stated in the other thread, SC shows the muscles you have.


How long have you been training? Less than a year? I wouldn't suggest IBB. Superhero complex could help teach some of the bigger moves, but still wouldn't suggest it with less than a year of training.

Ive always been a split kinda guy, I've recently ( about a month ) been doing "full body" similar training and I will have to admit, it will put size/strength on your frame. Make you sweat too.

Read some thing by Chad Waterbury. After maybe 6 months to a year if your still with it, work on some of CT's stuff.

Personally speaking of course.


Thanks Mike.T

Actually I have been training for 10+ years and have always stuck with split workouts myself too. I am just after some new workouts to break through plateaus. Also coming up to the summer season in Australia wanting to drop some body fat.


do superhero but dont be a pussy about it