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Superhero Complex Assistance Work


So I started the star complex work a few weeks ago, got a question about assistance work, specifically bi and tri work. So right now I got shoulders monday/thursday, chest tuesday/friday, was planning on doing arms on wednesday/saturday with my leg work.

Is this too much arm work following heavy pressing. Can I still do tris on wednesday after working chest on tuesday? Is there a better way to lay it out? How are other people doing it on this program? Thanks guys!


Confused... Is this the 6 weeks to Superhero you are talking about?


Yes, 6 weeks to superhero, star complex, etc. I dont want to over work tri/bi, wondering if doing monday shoulder, tuesday chest, and wed arms if that is going to be too much tri work??


You may want to try this program as is before adding Tricep work. There is a lot of pressing and you may not need, especially with the Top-Half Bench Press on Chest Day. I guess each individual is different but CT helped me to figure out yesterday that my Triceps are over-active in my bench press so training Tri's is the last thing I need to do. I changed up my assistance work a little since I first started it but my split basically looks like this:

Main: Shoulders / Legs
Assistance: Rear Delt Rows / Shrugs / Leg Curls or RDL's

Main: Lat's and Bi's

Main: Chest / Deadlift
Assistance: Reverse Grip Rows / Cable Crossovers (adding tomorrow actually) / Leg Curls or RDL's

Main: Lat's and Bi's

SUN: I do some cardio. I live in Nevada so I get a decent amount of uphill areas to jog.


Just do the program, as is. Figure out how your body responds, THEN add some secondary/neural work.

You are trying it out for the first time, three weeks into, then you ask about something that is not in the basic program.

KISS principals. Works every time.


I completely agree with this. I started using CT's methods in December when he introduced HP Mass and I followed it to a "T" for almost two whole phases before I felt dialed in enough to make adjustments. I've read from some people that they can't manage assistance work on the core lifting days of these Complexes. I'm just lucky that my work capacity is solid enough to fit in the assistance work. Some use Wed, Sat, and / or Sun for assistance work.


So your saying don't work bi or lats at all because its not in the program? That doesnt make much sense to me. I guess the main question lies on tricep work, doing that after 2 days of chest if its necessary to get a little isolation work in, pressdowns etc, or just do some iso work after chest on tuesday/friday?


We are not looking at the same program then.

Isolation work for what? And deads don't work the lats? And you want to do tri work because your bench is not enough?

You should seriously re-read the whole thing. If you are that afraid of not working out smaller muscles, then this is not the program for you. Maybe a 45 degree tri inverse extension on bosu ball?

"OMG, my Levator Scapulea (sorry, just came back form the chiro) is not feeling it... my neck will atrophy...."

Basic understanding of bodybuilding and how basic compound exercise affects all muscle is what you should be reading on.

Follow the program for 6 weeks, as is, THEN lets figure out if you actually need iso movement.


Ok cool thanks