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Superhero and Arm Specialization


CT, or anyone else that would know the answer to this question.

I really need to bring up my arms more specifically my triceps.

I noticed in the livespill how you could train back on its own day but not sure if it applies to arms.

Even with all the pressing involved (and I've done alot in the past) my triceps never get stimulated that much or grow without directly training them.
How would I incorporate working arms into the Superhero set up?
Seperate day or same day as pressing? Can I train them with complexes like in Superhero or is that too much? What about frequency per week. Thanks


I might change your Strength or your speed strength movement to close grip presses. Also consider the explosive movement to be diamond pushups. Not all at once though.


Having followed CT's HP Mass principles and now I'm trying his SH Complex; I'd say do his program as written first and use the off-days for assistance work (Rhomboids, Rear Delts, Trap's) Lat's / Bi's, and / or Neural Charge workouts. There is so much pressing involved in his workouts that I personally don't find much need for direct tricep work. At most I've considered doing Dips on an off day but purely bodyweight. Figure it this way, if you do all 6 sets of each exercise at the high-end of his rep range you're getting a ton of tricep work in. For example:

BP from Pins 6 sets x 3-5 reps = 18 to 30 total reps
BP: 6 sets x 3-5 reps = 18 to 30 total reps
Speed BP: 6 sets x 5 reps = 30 total reps
Plyo Pushup: 6 sets x 8-10 reps = 48 to 60 reps
Medicine Ball throws: 6 sets x 8-10 reps = 48 to 60 reps

On the low-end of the rep range you're doing 162 reps, high-end 210 reps and that's just chest / deadlift day, that doesn't include shoulder day's pressing. This is only my first week of SH Complex and I may feel differently after week 6, but I'd try the principles as outlined first. I would suggest trying it as is and then adjust for your personal needs.


Ok thanks for the suggestions guys. But Jaynick like a mentioned I have very flat and high set tri's. Any kind of pressing I do and I've done alot of dips, close grips etc to bring them up just doesn't seem to stimulate them or put on mass. Any type of pressing I do is always felt in my chest(which responds very easily) and shoulders. Not an arm pusher if you know what I mean. I need direct isolation work.


The program isn't for you then if thats ur goal. maybe try the specialization approach to pressing