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Superglue for Wounds Allow Healing?


deadlifting ripped a piece of skin on my finger, horizontally. think of a piece of steak, and you take a fine knife and just cut it to half depth. it should open up a little like a book. my wound is similar, a slice and 2 parts of the skin opening apart when i stretch my fingers.

i want to superglue the two pieces so they wont come apart, but i heard its possible it won't heal until i remove it?


Is there a reason you can't tape it up?


Don't stretch your fingers. Just keep it clean/disinfected, bandage it up, and it'll heal by itself in a couple of days.


I ripped my fingernail out of its bed once, had it glued back in to ensure the nail would grow back along the same curve as the original nail, and had no healing problems.

I've used liquid bandages for papercuts and had no healing problems as well.


i could tape it up but i am goin gto the beach tomorrow. the wound is not deep at all, but it does get to the underlayer of skin. and sand in there is probably worse than sand in vagina

you put superglue on your skin and slapped the nail on? id think the glue doesnt biodegrade but hey if it works :stuck_out_tongue:

next thing u know ull wake up with a mushroom growing out of your nail


This was at the ER six years ago. It was pretty gory. But yeah, they drilled a hole through the nail to allow seepage, re-inserted it into the bed, glued it on, and told me it would fall off in a couple of months once the nail re-grew out from the bed. The nail kept the bed from deforming.

Unfortunately, the pics have been lost to a lack of backup and a virus. Sigh.


thank god.

OP, superglue that shit!!


Use Derma-Bond. It is superglue for skin. It should be available at most large drug stores.


Not true, i had a pretty nice horizontal cut on the bottom of my foot trying to climb up some rocks and wanted to still be able to water ski the next day. My Uncle super glued the wound up and the skin stayed where it was and healed up pretty nicely. Also a friend of mine informed me that super glue will actually break down when used like that in a matter of about two weeks, so you needn't worry about removing it.


good stuff. i did use it for the beach, and it worked great. afterwards it looked like it had fallen off/decomposed, but im feeling it now and it seems like its still there.

unless my cut has fused already. love this junk.


when i cut mine open, i just cut off the dead skin and i just left it be. maybe put a coupel bandaids on it, but now my skin is hard and it wonr break


you guys can plug a bullet wound with a mini tampon and 100mph tape, but can't use plain super glue on cuts?


The super glue will work fine and was originally created for that purpose anyways.


actually, the material was first inteneded in an attempt to make a new type of clear gun site around WWII


While the 100mph tape is pretty much fact the tampon bandage is a myth. The only reason I suggested the derma bond is that it cost about as much as super glue but doesnt typically involve the burning sensation associated with super glue. It is also typically easier to get into small cuts. My mantra for patient care is: the operator feels no pain....so do whatever you (the operator) can handle


I'm a PA Funeral Director & use super-glue all the time for small cuts...not that any of them will ever heal...


I had back surgery a few months ago. They used derma-bond to
close a 5 inch incision. Very cool (as long as you don't stick
to the sheets).



Superglue was originally developed as a surgical glue.


LOL at this shit, sounds like you know how to get the job done anyways . . hopefully!


On behalf of everyone here . . Thanks!

can anyone smell the sarcasm?