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SuperFood vs. Greens Plus


I see that Berardi and several others on this site recommend Greens Plus, but has anyone ever heard of Dr. Schulze's SuperFood? I currently have a bottle of SuperFood and take it on occasion and it seems that these products are very similar but I wanted to be sure before deciding to use this SuperFood in place of Greens Plus.


I use Now Foods Green Phyto Foods...i did some comparing and nothing is better for the price.


I do take Greens Plus. I think taking any good greens supp. puts you ahead of the game. I was just reading another article on the benefits! Good Stuff. If I can find the magazine around here i'll post a summary.


Greens plus is huge here in Canada and I use to take it religiously. But I recently switched to Superfood after doing more research into green formulas.

The problem with formulas like Greens plus is they contain what I call "pixie dust" amounts of herbs. What this means is, that companies like to add miniscule amounts of everything but the kitchen sink. The list ends up looking impressive on the label but the actual nutrient amounts do little in the way of usefulness for the body's cells.

Another thing to keep in mind is that many companies that formulate these green products purchase the herbs from foreign countries such as Mexico, China, Egypt and India, all who do not have the greatest track records for use of pesticides and herbicides as well as quality control procedures. Plus, when these herbs are imported into North America they have to by law be gassed with ethylene oxide in order to kill any possible pathogens.

Superfood is different in that all of the ingredients are organic, wild crafted and sourced from domestic sources only. It is also designed to be more like a powdered multivitamin rather than an herbal detox supplement (although many of it ingredients do perform this very function). I could go on but I'm starting to sound like a frickin' infomercial! Anyway, I take Superfood everyday instead of synthetic multivitamin pills and the only draw back is the funky green taste.


I'll still drink my greens+ but I'm not a fan of the taste at all. Don't get me wrong, I like the taste of nori and mint, but I prefer them on my sushi and grilled lamb respectively, not with my protein shake.


I just checked out both companies official sites. Greenplus list ingredients and amounts. Superfoods does not. Do you know of a site where they do actually print a label? Maybe I'm dense but I couldn't find one. Greens Plus does say its 100% organic, but neither companies specified where the products are sourced. Anyway, I'd love more info if you can point me in the right direction. Thanks!


How does the superfood taste?


I recently tried Berry Green when Whole Foods was out of Greens+ and it was NASTY! I'd rather use a spoon to eat dirt out of my flower garden than drink a glass of that. It's made from organic greens and fruits, but I couldn't even drink any of it.

I like Greens+ mixed with Crystal Light.


the greens plus site has a forum for questions.


In water it closely resembles turtle shit mixed with a dash of pond scum. But I'm the type of guy who'd eat the asshole out of a skunk if I knew it was good for me. Just put it into juice or a protein shake and it's fine.


Superfood info:



By the way, Dr. Schulze is a bit of a P.T. Barnum character, but I can say without a doubt that he makes the best quality herbal products on the market. If your looking to do cleanses for your colon, liver, kidneys etc. his stuff definitely works well. I also combine his echinacea and supertonic with oregano oil when I first get sick and it wipes out pretty much anything in a couple of days.


How different is the taste from GreensPlus because I actually like it in water. Although when I carry it around everyone calls it my 'pond scum' drink.


Greens plus tastes better in plain water, especially if you get the flavored variety.


fyi the price for greens plus 9.4 oz powder @ vitaminshoppe is $29.96. BUT they also have a lowball price if you go in through nextag: $23.97 !!

pretty sweet deal with free shipping if you buy a few. even sweeter deal when you figure whole foods'll charge ya $39.99 and that's before your impulse makes you think you need one of those lavender plants in italian pottery they got @ the register.


I've never had GreensPlus but Dr. Schulze's Superfood tastes about like you'd expect it to taste in water. Not that great but if you put it in orange juice or some of ther flavored drink (i.e. Crystal Light, Protein shake)it's not bad at all.


I believe the last time I bought a 14 oz. canister of Superfood I paid like $20 or $25.


well, which one is it and where ? $5 is a huge difference. like the prices quoted above -which is a $6 difference and that's within the same store. just depends on which door you use !


I recently switched from Superfood to Greens+ after a couple of years. The taste of Superfood is pretty awful, and I can only describe it as "peanut water" which doesn't nearly do justice to how awful it tastes....

That said, the main reason I switched was the price - since that was the only thing of Schulze's I bought, I'm saving a fair amount on the Greens+ (and Berardi's recommendation helps a lot too!).

I don't notice any particular differences between the two brands, although I did notice the Superfood really woke me up if I took a full dose and since I generally took it before going to bed, being able to sleep was another consideration.

That and over the years, I picked up a number of inconsistencies in Schulze's writing with his stance that everything modern is bad, so doing it the old way is therefore better, no matter what the old way was, got to me. I'll take science now.


I buy the Superfood through a local health food store. I'm sure it can be purchased on the net somewhere though.

Wow, I just went out to the website and it looks like a 14 oz. canister is $34 if purchased on the website. I wonder how long it's been since I bought mine? Plus my isn't the Superfood Plus like on the website, it's just Superfood.


$34 USD for Superfood is decent to me, even when I am charged shipping, exchange rate and duty to Toronto. That will give around a 1 month supply of Superfood. Here, Greens plus is $70-$80 CND (approximately $55-$60 USD) for a 510 gram canister!