Superfood Shelf Life

Quick question. Anyone seen any recommendations on the shelf life of Superfood once it is opened. I’d think that as long as it gets zipped up thoroughly to keep oxygen out it should be fine for quite a while, but if is exposed to air, being an anti-oxidant it might be prone to getting oxidized. Probably even better to keep in in the refrigerator.

I was just wondering this, haha. I found a bag in a cupboard that’s probably 2 years old. It’s sealed pretty tightly, hasn’t filled up with air to any noticeable extent, but that’s a long time to sit there. Not sure how good it is anymore.

The Biotest store has a chat feature now that takes you right to an employee - you might be able to get your question answered virtually immediately


Thanks. The site has changed a lot over the years, but I’m starting to like the upgrades.