Superfood Recipes

Hey all,

I didn’t see a thread for it, so I figured I’d start one on different ways to use Superfood in recipes or meals.

I dont have a huge list but I can start off with two!

  • SUPER YOGURT: Superfood Mixed with Yogurt and Granola - Very Tasty and it mixes well!

  • Vanilla Berry Oatmeal: Superfood mixed with cooked Oatmeal and Low-Carb Vannila Metabolic Drive.

I just made the VB Oatmeal this morning and man is it tasty! Give it a try. I

was thinking of trying to add it into a pancake recipe but not sure yet.

Oh, if you don’t know what Superfood is - well, you better find out here:

Submit some of your ideas if anyone has some.


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