Superfood Question for Pre Teen

Hi, I noticed on the label for Superfood that it is not recommended for pregnant nursing women or children. Is there a specific ingredient that could be an issue? I’m wondering if it is ok for my 13 year old to add to his smoothies for extra nutrition around his practices?

My understanding is that’s a pretty standard label warning for most everything. I don’t know that there is any specific ingredient to be concerned about. It does have coffee fruit and green tea extracts, but TC has pointed out that the caffeine content is negligible.

With all of that said, I don’t feel comfortable making that kind of recommendation when someone else’s kid is involved.

When you look at all the junk that pre-teens are consuming on the regular that we deem fit to call “food”, I can’t imagine some freezedried fruits and veggies are going to be anywhere close to harmful for a pre-teen.

I grew up consuming these products as a pre-teen

I definitely coulda used some Superfood, haha.


We add that label because kids are weird beasties. Not really, but few people (not just SBT) and few companies feel comfortable in making statements about the safety of any food or supplement product when it comes to children. That being said, I can’t imagine that it would pose a problem.


But those are the classics!

My 6-year-old is obsessed with salads, and I have to eat my Fini bars in secret or he’ll end up with dang near half my bar.

What am I doing wrong?

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I chipped a tooth trying to chew off a bit of a protein bar for my kiddo to have when they were younger.

But there’s a lot to be said about effective nutritional modeling. It’s amazing how much the kiddos pick up on it.


My daughter has been drinking Metabolic Drive shakes literally since they were invented. Started as a toddler back when it was called Grow! Sometimes I’d add mini-servings of Superfood into them. Today she’s 8% bodyfat and 215 pounds. Works as a draft horse on weekends.

No, kidding, she’s fine.

But I personally wouldn’t worry about it, as others have said. Heck, we should be spiking the water with Superfood.


My now 27 year old nephew used to feast on my protein bars when he was a toddler (and I wasn’t looking). Now he’s a professional soccer player. Coincidence…