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Superfood Nutritional Content?


Does Superfood have any nutritional content as far as calories/carbs/pro/fat?




Last time I hear, it was 20 cals per serving. This was covered last week, maybe you should have searched.



what LR said.

member for 4 yrs and just now posting, lurk much :wink:


Not taking anything away from you LR, but why that would make a difference to anyone's goal I don't know.


I don't think it'd make any difference at all. It doesn't make any difference to me, I just remember Mod Brian telling someone it was 20 cals per serving in a similar thread a few days ago.

In a perfect world, the OP just would have done a search and found it.



It would say on the bottle if it had anything in it...Superfood is just extracts I dont think it has any protein, carbs or fat...Could be wrong if I am let me know.


Your wrong!





How can something have no protein, no carbs and no fat and still have calories? Can u post a link on here or some proof thanks.


It's freeze-dried fruits 'n veg, not extracts. there's gonna be some fiber, sugar, and trace protein in it. Not everything that's edible has the nutritional info listed. A lot of medicines have calories, for example.


The label (as you've probably seen) doesn't show any of that info.

The fact that someone here "heard" it has 20 Calories doesn't hold much value to me.

Assuming for a second that it DOES have 20 Calories, there should still be nutritional information on it with an ingredients list - but those are just MY silly requirements for buying a product and then ingesting it.

If you don't need that info....I HEAR that Superfood is "good stuff"



I guess you don't drink beer or alcohol or eat fresh fruit or vegetables then. wonder why you are under 120#s... lol


if your fruit/vegetables have ingredients....you might want to double check them. I use them AS ingredients....and finding the nutritional information on them ain't hard.

Thanks for taking an interest in my profile. I should probably update it since I don't weigh 120 anymore....not that my weight has much to do with this conversation.


Does anybody know how much protein, carbs, fat are in Superfood


Edit: I also wanted to point out that the variance in specific type, size, growing conditions est. are going to make the variance in estimated nutritional values of things like veggies larger than the totals in superfood. Worry about the big things. Superfood isn't about the macros which is what that prized label provides.

I noticed you skipped the alcohol point. And the ingredients are fruits and vegetables only in quantities entirely too small to affect your macros. There are a lot more substantial things in your diet that don't have a label and actually affect your macros. And even then they really only list macros, not the nuts and bolts of nutritional content. Good meat from a butcher, no label, deli breads, no label, coffee, no label, est. Guess you are telling everyone to stay away from those too....

And yes, weight should have a lot to do with giving advice on a bodybuilding forum. I hate to quote CS, but "hows that working out for ya?"


not enough to worry about.


Holy freaking S. No kidding.


Agreed that a variance will exist, but if I eat an orange, I'm pretty sure it won't have the nutritional content of a banana - regardless of growing conditions.

ok....it's ALSO not hard to find what ingredients go into beer. They'll vary slightly...sure, but since beer can be made at home (though I don't)...finding what goes into it...shouldn't be too hard.

Agreed to a point...some people like to see how much/many grams of carbs/sugar are in a fruit...wait....I thought we were talking about Superfood....how did we get to discussing just fruit anyway ?

I think you mis-read my first post....at no point did I ever tell anyone to stay away from anything (in fact I actually said I heard it was "good stuff" right?). I just said what is good for me. If you're cool with spending money on something, without knowing the nuts and bolts about it....awesome. Doesn't mean the nuts and bolts shouldn't be available, and if I choose not to buy any for that reason....isn't that my choice?

If the OP asked....how can I gain 50lbs in the next 3 days....I'd agree that MAYBE my weight would has some relevance. He didn't...the question was about a nutrition label, and I'd like to think ANY of us can talk about nutrition....in the er....supplement and nutrition forum? Just because I don't weigh 200 or 300lsb doesn't mean I haven't done a lot of my own research and reading...and spent a lot of years just learning - and I'm still learning

Sounds like we both are.


http://www.thedailyplate.com/nutrition-calories/food/Biotest/superfood ...